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Enter the Matrix


Okay, so I hope you figured I wasn't really talking about the Matrix. I'm kind of disappointed too, because it would be pretty cool to be able to enter a virtual world where we could physically be our other selves. Something like Ready Player One... yeah...

But anyways, I have the next best thing. It's not even close, but it's technically the next best thing.

A few years ago, I was browsing a witch craft shop near my home, and on a whim I purchased a book on Native American spirit animals and how to find yours. The actual part about finding the spirit animal never helped, but the meditation technique described in the book sure did. With it, you can enter an open sandbox world, assume whatever form you wish (in this case, my kintype), and basically do whatever you want (I don't judge). It's an excellent tool for voluntary shifting and visualizing your kintype, as I've been regularly using it to do.

Enough fluff. Let's get down to business.

  1. If you don't know the basics of meditation, you're essentially going to want to find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit or lay down. Close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your chest rising and falling as you breathe. Just focus on this feeling. If you feel your thoughts wandering, don't panic, just gently let the thoughts drift away and return to focusing on your breathing. If you're new to meditating, this may be difficult at first, but just keep practicing. Meditation is a learned skill like most things in life. Do this one time a day for about 3 minutes until you have it down and can start extending the time further.
  2. Now, assuming you've been meditating for a while, gently envision yourself in a favorite location, real or imagined. It could be the middle of space, the lawn of the White House, or in my case, a particular beach that I loved in the Honduras. For the sake of presentation, we'll use the beach. Once you're standing on the beach, don't do anything. Feel the cool breeze on your face, flowing through your hair. Wiggle your toes in the sand. Listen to the roar of the surf. Remain on the beach until it feels as real as can be. This is your "loading screen" where you'll anchor your mind to the dream space. Stay on this beach as long as you need, and remember not to rush.
  3. Turn around, wherever you are, and see a cave. It doesn't even have to be a real cave- just tack in on to whatever location you're at. This cave is your "tunnel" to the other world. Slowly walk into the cave. Feel the gravel crunch under your feet as you do, and hear your footsteps echoing off the walls. Keep walking until you come to a door. The door can be as close or as far as you wish, just remember to take it slow. If you rush, you'll disrupt the vision. I know you want to get to the fun stuff, but patience is key.
  4.  Open the door and step through into a new world that your kintype would like. This is the "other" world where your kinself exists. I always step out onto a tall mountain peak, with enough space to accommodate a dragon. It's the tallest peak around, with the rest of the world sprawling away into the horizon on all sides.  There's evergreen trees, rivers winding through valleys, and not a cloud in the sunny sky. Take a few moments to once again soak in the sensations of being in this world. The burning of the sun on your face and the wind. Do this as long as you need.
  5. Now, transform. Stay in first person. I watch the ground get farther away as my long neck rises into the air. I feel my four legs plant firmly into the ground. I look down to examine my front legs, now draconian. I turn around and see the rest of me, wings included. I flare out my wings slowly and feel the sensation. I remain still for several moments again, just feeling my other body. Then, I trudge to the edge and leap. I feel the wind as I fall, then open my wings and begin soaring. This is it, you're doing it!
  6. When you're done with your shenanigans, return to your starting point. Transform back to human. Walk back through the door and through the tunnel and back onto the beach. This is you "returning" to the real world. 
  7. Open your eyes. You're now back from your journey.

This technique may not work for everyone, and that's perfectly okay. If you've found a better way, kudos to you! Maybe share it with me sometime? None the less, this is how I induce voluntary shifts on myself. Thanks for sticking around this long! I hope this helps you visualize your other self!


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Oh, that's interesting. I actually did that from the first time actively meditating (which was only about 4 weeks ago), only that I automatically skipped steps 3 and 4 - or used a different technique. In step 1 I usually wait until sleep dysphoria happens and I don't feel my limbs any more. Then, I visualize myself in the "loading screen" as described in step 2. For me, it's a slightly hilly area with a meadow and a forest nearby; I'm lying on the meadow. Usually, I don't even care lying around as a human there for too long... I would usually transform to at least an antrophomorphic draconian form automatically. I'm oftentimes trying to experience how that exactly feels like. In this form, I can already enjoy myself and feel my connection with nature (there're plenty of animals around who will eventually come to me if I wait for them). I also got to know two other locations where I can direcly go to without using a dimensional door or similar. If I want to go to a new place, I usually transform to full dragon form in the "loading screen" (trying to keep the first person perspective, but that oftentimes proves difficult) and just wait for other dragons. Meanwhile, I know some of them by name (although the names may only serve for my own reference), so I think I can also call for them if I like. Those dragons seem to play a major role for finding out new things: if I ask them to lead me to a place I didn't see before and stay focused enough, they'd usually lead me through an airspace dimensional gate. Those gates just float in the air and don't look like a door; I've denoted them as "multidimensional breaches" in my meditation log. They seem to look the same regardless of which direction you look at them from, and tend to get bigger as you approach them. Also, I tend to skip step 6 because I'm usually ending up in a scenario which is similar to the loading screen anyhow.

I actually did encounter caves both in the "loading screen" and at another place, but I didn't bother exploring them... it seems they were just caves. So in a nutshell, I essentially replace 3 and 4 by flying through dimensional gates other dragons show - me even if nobody ever told me to do that...

I just hope that I can make my impressions more intense. I think I need more practice and focus. I can feel my dragon body quite vividly if I'm focused, but I always have problems seeing details in the world around me. They tend to be blurry and fuzzy, like a disturbed TV image, haha :toungederg:

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