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Obsession and Identity


So, I'm kicking this into high-gear, or higher than before at least. I've been criticized enough - welcome criticizing, as it's honestly needed - that I have and have as far back as I can remember had an obsession with the source I've been considering, having identified myself as an Alolan Marowak for a couple of years. And admittedly, I do, even if child me quite disliked the Pokemon I've thought I've been myself. And while I truly to feel that the Alolan Marowak is me, I need to be certain that I have more than just feeling to this, so we're stepping away from the "I'm a Pokemon" thing for some time, however long it takes, to see what happens. 

I've for some time been strongly under the belief that on some level or another, I am a fire-oriented, possibly bipedal reptilian, with a lot of spirit focus and some focus on bones. A lot of these may be details that are projection, so we'll see what becomes of them with time. For now, I don't quite have a name for this second kintype, beside some odd fire lizard. We'll go with that. If by some chance I find some non-fictionally-linked creature that matches the experiences of reptilian body, scavenger and hunter/gatherer diet, territorial aggression, and fire-relation, then I'll dig into that more as well. So far I've tried a number of other creatures that have been questioned, including dragons, salamanders (fae-related fire elementals), kobolds (though that was short-lived), and a number of earthen reptiles.

But for now, it's time to do a bit of updating and see where it takes me.



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