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2 week meditation log II


Another excerpt from my meditation and dream log for the last two weeks...
Notes: I don't try so much to interpret or explain at this point, I primarily describe what I've seen and felt. Many of the dragons I keep seeing have become more clear, and I know their names now, but I'm not too comfortable to share them here. So I'll use only initials and won't detail how they look like.

Performing another stand-up meditation like the one on 20/01/19. I'm standing on a meadow as full dragon, looking down on some trees. I decide to go to a place "where I was before". I fly fast towards sundawn. I fly through a dimensional gate. Another world, is it? I see mountains, greens, trees, lakes. I land and transform to draconian form. A dog comes to me and plays with me. He seems to know me. I ask him who he is.. it's just a dog. I see another dragon, her color is like yellow/orange. She leads me to a wooden cottage. There's an old women there. We all seem to know each other. We sit together in the house laughing.

Visualizing myself in the same setting as the day before. I see a hilly landscape, the small wooden cottage down the hill, a river further behind it, a forest to the left, and a village behind the forest. I transform to full dragon, waiting for the dragon I met before. She flies by. We touch each other's heads. It feels like a very old friend. I ask her if she can transform to draconian form. We both transform. She tells me this is our home world, there are also humans here, and that she is my sister. She doesn't want to tell me her name. She doesn't know much about guardians, but knows they're out there. She's not surprised that I am one. She tells that in this world, I'm working as.. a blacksmith, if I got that right? Well, it somehow makes sense. I play with her in full dragon form.
We dance through the air. This feels so joyful. In the end, we lay as draconians in the meadow and laugh. I love her like a sister. I don't want to leave this place. I promise to return.

26/01/19 second session
I visualize the prehistoric setting. There's lava, a cave, the Earth Guardian is around. I'm there in draconian form. I ask the Earth Guardian to do something unexpected. He roars at me. He's getting huge, getting more limbs. He makes volcanoes break out, moves rocks, I can feel his energy. I connect to the air. Together we incinerate the atmosphere. I make the air glow blue/white, he makes the ground throw fire and magma. I have lost my physical body, I just feel like blue plasma energy which penetrates the whole earth atmosphere.
Note: This was again completely unexpected.. I'd never thought this plasmatic energy could do that.

26/01/19 third session
I explore my draconian body by in-meditation touching my feet, legs, tail, belly, chest.. everything feels scaly, hard, but also fleshy and alive. My head has spikes and horns. My teeth are damn sharp. My wings feel like long arms with very long fingers. I fly around a bit. I dance in the air, it feels like swimming under water, but faster and lighter. I'm getting excited and change into plasma form. I can feel blue flames all around me. This feels awesome, I want more. I power up, I scream and burn. I'm incinerating the air again. When I finally cool down, I realize I've burned everything around me. Where there was grass and plants before, there is now fire and lava.
Note: I was pretty shocked after this one. What did I do? I am to protect life, but I can also set the world on fire?? What exactly is this blue plasma then?

I'm lying on the meadow again as draconian. Soon, I start to feel the plasma energy. I let it envelop my body, it's glowing. The plasma.. it's life energy. It can move rocks, it can burn things, it's life emerging, life deavouring. It's nothing bad. It feels great. I'm running through the grass. I'm waiting for Guardians. Another dragon appears (D). I tell D that I've fulfilled my task on earth.

I continue where I stopped yesterday expecting D, but instead, a smaller dragon appears (E). She says D couldn't come today. She seems to be a cheerful quick little chap... she asks me to transform to full dragon form quickly and follow her. I do the fastest full dragon T/F ever. She seems to say "Look there, I knew you could do it". I follow her.. she says I'd already know where we're going, but then I say "you can also bring me to a new place if you like". So she does. We fly over the ocean. I feel lost without seeing firm ground. E proposes me to dive into the water. I'm afraid, but I do it. It feels cold and unfamiliar. I can not mentally connect to much around here. I'm not a water dragon. I dive up and jump into the air. E's waiting there grinning. I shake off the water and we return to the shore. E says she just wanted to show me water is not my element. I turn to draconian form and fly to a meadow near the shore. Aah, it feels so good to lie in the green grass again! Finally D shows up. He tells me E's a clever little chap who likes to play around.. right he is, haha

Had an intense dream that felt like a martial arts movie. The protagonist almost killed the US president. Nuclear missiles were launched in what felt like a "post-credit scene". Not kin related, but pretty entertaining and just another example of what my wicked mind can do if it's unchained 🙂

Had another m-shifted walk that also gave me kinda astral shift, see this post. Stunning.

Had a forum chat about Avalon with Bunflower. I meditate to try and find it. At the usual meadow starting scene, a new dragon approaches me (P); he's as big as me. He leads me through a dimensional door. Is this Avalon then? I see mountains, green land, a lake in the middle of the mountains... but I'm not focused enuogh, so the meditation breaks.

4/02/19, early morning
Had three lucid dreams; in the first one, I had some more time, but was only strolling around in the house. In the two other lucid dreams I experienced nice flights as full dragon, however it's a bit hard to fly upwards. I need to practice this.

I'm thinking about the Multiverse of Minds. So, what exactly are these dimensional gates? Representations of a physical reality marble in another one, I guess. I'm checking out one of them in the in-meditation meadow starting scene. The thing is just floating in the sky. It's a "multidimensional breach", looks like a swirl in spacetime. It looks the same from any direction. There are plenty of them here, leading to different PRMs as it seems. So how are they made? I land and try to create one myself. I envision a void PRM and create a dim gate to it by simply moving my head. When I enter, it's empty and all dark. I don't want to fill it up, there's already enough PRMs to go to. I return to the starting scene and remove the dim gate again. I fly into the air and ask for company. E joins me. She tells that the dim gates are made by dragons, but only the ones leading to interesting worlds are kept open. I ask her about P. She knows him and tells me his name.

I'm looking at myself in draconian form in an in-meditation visualized mirror. HOLY COW! Should've done this before, I see so many details... scales on my snout, brilliant blue color, black footpads under my feet... In due course of the mediation session, I manage to produce a wake-induced lucid dream. I stand up from the bed and try to go to the mirror outside the room, but for some strange reason my room door is locked.. the dream ends before I manage to open it up. I wake up a bit again and gain enough focus to continue meditation. I'm in the meadow starting scene again, transform to full dragon, and find a lake to fly over to see my image. It looks pretty much like the one in the mirror. I land at the shore of the lake and look at my head in the water... then I see other dragons approaching in the air. I jump into the sky to meet them. They're E, P and D all together. They tell me they're all Guardians! E says she guards small things and plants, D talks about.. rocks? P says he's like me. I ask them about a dragon whose name I knew before, and whom I'm longing to meet since ages. And suddently he approaches. A magnificent great western dragon (C). I welcome him joyfully and we dance through the sky.. I can't believe I met him, I'm so happy! We celebrate together. When I tell I have to leave, the others fly away and I curl together in the grass, watching the sun go down...


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