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[Dream Journal Entry #1 - Feb 1st, 2019] I Want To Come Home

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I Want To Come Home

[Dream Journal Entry #1 - Feb 1st, 2019]

Content Warning: Some Swearing, Mild Violence

I remember siting at one of the desks at my old high school. I was in English class, and the teacher had a movie playing. Everyone was quite content with the film, but I wanted to leave being semi-aware that I was in a dream. Soon enough, two girls in the class got into an argument and began to throw their bodies upon one another, tugging on each other's hair and fighting. The rest of the class bum-rushed around them, chanting and glorifying the violent tussle.

Rachel: "Great!"

I said to myself as I snuck out the door while everyone was distracted. Making my way out onto the school yard was a sight to behold. It was like I just entered into some sort of futuristic, steampunk hub intermingled with a mall. There were people everywhere on all the different levels of the mall, chatting, walking and eating at tables. Some can be seen walking out of stores as well as construction workers continually building up the place as it was still incomplete. 

What I can remember next was going up an escalator to a floor and seeing Daniel Dickens walking through a group of people. Since I knew who he was and him being one of the only recognizable people in this mess of a sea of folk, I went over to him. Once I got to him, I called out his name.

Rachel: "D-Danny?"

He turned around sporting the most ecstatic smile. I don't think I ever saw what Danny looked like "physically" outside from the various cosplayers dressing as him. Danny wore his usual glasses, had short brownish hair, a brown shirt and slacks. The only thing missing was his traditional white doctor's coat. But I guess that wasn't a big deal. He also had some sort of cologne on him. A very distinct aroma that clearly signified his gender but somehow was a scent I never smelled before in the world of the wakened.

Danny: "Ah, Rachel! It's good to see you~"

From the back of my mind, I remembered Zack. And before a second later my instinct brewed with the intent on finding Zack. So I asked Danny;

Rachel: "Do you know where Zack is?"

Danny smiled and gestured his arms in a way that allowed me to believe that he knew where Zack was. His hand soon reached to grab mine as he took me back up the escalator to a dining area where he pointed towards a table with a group of young people. A bunch of annoying, chatty girls and among them sat a guy. A tall male with black messy hair wearing a black t-shirt with some white writing on the front. It must've been Zack. I was a little shy, more so afraid to go anywhere near the table with all those girls but by the time I went to look back at Danny, he was gone.

I didn't know what else to do but go straight to that table. The girls didn't notice me at first, so I sat on the opposite side of Zack. I looked at his face. He seemed depressed, even braindead. It was...odd...He didn't move or even speak. He just looked down at the table with the saddest expression on his face...Was it maybe because he was feeling down in the waking world? I remember him trying so hard to make me feel better about myself and my life but at the same time, not believing he can do much for me had been deteriorating his mood drastically. Nothing is worse than seeing a once, bubbly and chatty fellow become severely depressed with all lost of hope.

I tried getting his attention.

Rachel: "Zack?"

He didn't answer.

Rachel: "Zack, it's me, Rachel."

Still no answer.

Some of the girls around me started rubbing up on Zack, giving him kisses on his all over his face which pissed me off. I knew Zack sure as hell would not EVER let some random ass girls put their lips on him, but he was completely unresponsive that I didn't think he could've noticed them.

They knew I was in a relationship with Zack. They wanted to be bitches about it. Then all of a sudden, from a distance I hear screaming. The girls at my table for some strange reason started beating each other up. My eyes lit up in shock. Looking around me, I could see everyone in fist fights and even going as far as to start killing one another. Zack stood up. What was he going to do?! Though he did nothing, just stood. Was he... somehow allowing me to command him to do something? I got up as well, went towards Zack, avoiding any pushes or body flings to grab his hand. I tugged it towards the direction of the escalators as he worked his legs to follow behind me. We rushed down the elevating steps trying to get to ground level to escape. There were guys with guns trying to shoot us, but we dodged their attacks as we managed to get all the way to the bottom. I could spot a man with a purple trench coat. Dark hair with black slacks making his way to the bathroom right next to the exit.

Rachel: "GRAY HELP!"

Zack and I quickly ran into the men's bathroom right as the man, who was obviously Abraham Gray, was washing his hands at the sink. I stopped in front of him trying to catch my breath.

Rachel: "G...Gray..."

Gray looked down at my figure with his pupilless eyes as he smiled.

Rachel: "It's crazy out there! I'm scared and Zack is-"

Gray: "Oh Rachel, it's quite alright."

Gray looked over at the zombified-looking Zack getting a general idea of his condition as he looked back at me.

Rachel: "I want to come "home"...."

Gray: "I know. But let's get out of this place before the people encompassed in this monument engulf it with our souls in tow."

Gray headed out of the bathroom as I followed behind.

Rachel: "Wait...what about Danny?"

Gray: "Danny is a smart and nimble man. I'm certain he would've escaped by now."

By this time, I awoke from the dream. Zack was still asleep. Hopefully, he'll wake up soon. I laid on my bed turning on the laptop that sat next to me so I could type up this event. Once I was done, I laid in bed with ASMR playing through my headphones as I reflected on the dream I just had. Seeing and interacting with Danny, Gray and Zack felt reassuring in a way. Fictionkin related memories and feelings began to cycle through my mind as I thought about "home". Home, meaning, being back with Zack in the worlds I once had been a part of. Being with those like Gray and Danny who have equally,  in the past, been people who I've interacted with.

There was a soothing realization that I recognized. The ability to one day be able to see them again, along with my other soulbonds.

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