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[Dream Journal Entry #2 - Jan 29th, 2019] It's Only You and Me (Zack's POV)

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It's Only You and Me (Zack's POV)

[Dream Journal Entry #2 - Jan 29th, 2019]

Content Warning:  Some Weird Stuff & Meltdowns

I remember walking into a gymnasium. There were kids sitting on the bleachers towards the far side of the wall in front of me. I spotted someone familiar among the crowd. A middle-aged man. He wore a purple trench coat with golden lining with a cross around his neck. His hair was short, black and slicked back. The guy walked down the bleachers with some of the children. As the kids happily went past me, I approached the guy with the trench coat eager to talk to him.

Zack: "GRAY! MY MAN! How's it hangn'?! God... It's been so long since we last spoke to one another. H-Hey! I'm looking for Rachel, do you want to help me find her?"

Gray looked to me with a displeased expression on his face.

Gray: "...You do realize you're in Rachel's dream correct? ...Hmm...maybe your subconscious isn't aware of that yet...But I don't think you'll have trouble finding her. Rachel's 'dream body' should be around here somewhere. I'm actually very busy myself so I cannot stay. I hope your journey goes well, goodbye." (vanishes)

Zack: "NO GRAY! WAIT!...Shiiiiiiiii-"

I continued my search for Rachel. I trailed behind the ecstatic children who appeared to eventually disappear within the darkness from the hallway exiting the gym. Everything soon got quiet around me. There was a staircase within the darkness that I took. I went up some flights to eventually find myself in a small lobby with a few people standing by the walls and windows chatting. There were candles lit giving out a luminous yellow glow to the surroundings. I spotted Rachel and flew towards her.

I couldn't control my happiness, and paced around her, avoiding eye contact. I didn't know what to say or do. I was just too happy. I wanted to give her a hug, but I felt my strength would give way to actually cause damage the girl's body so I kept my distance and continued to circle her.

Rachel: "Zack!"

She seemed very happy to see me as so was I. I glanced down to see her holding up a green replica of my hoodie. It was wrinkled and soaked with something. She shook it out and tried to pat out the wrinkles with her hand as she tossed it over my bandaged upper half. I didn't know what she did or what the actual fuck this wet stuff was on it. But I adjusted the hoodie on my body anyways. I stopped to look down into Ray's eyes awaiting for her response. She smiled happily and told me she wanted to get out of this place.

Whatever this stuff was that dampened my hoodie, it was potent. Very sweet like fruit and it did some weird shit to my mind. I felt a surge of strength and agility ripple up my veins as I shook, getting down on all fours panting like a dog. A black, rubber-like cord extended from my neck as Rachel grabbed onto it. I started sprinting out the lobby and headed up more flight of stairs with Rachel running behind me. I bypassed some people who looked shocked at us, but it wasn't my concern. We eventually made it to ground floor as we were close to exit door leading to the outside as we were stopped. A man beside us told us it was dangerous to go out. Because I was very cautious about Rachel's safety, I went down and sat on a plastic chair next to the door. She looked at me confused.

Rachel: "Why can't we leave?!"

There was a lady a few chairs away from us. She, who was talking with her friends, turned to us when she heard Ray's question. She said it was too dangerous to go out when we cannot see without being possessed by evil entities causing the death for us (basically more of that Bird Box crap). Rachel looked back at me.

Rachel: "You're a demon! You're just like one of those things outside. Can't you just possess me? Make my eyes do crazy stuff and just not kill me?"

I pulled down Rachel's head, trying to cover her mouth as people eyed the two of us with superstition.

Zack: (whispers) "Hey! Be quiet! Do you really want these people to know WHAT. I. AM?"

Rachel: "...I'm sorry."

I had Rachel sit on my lap as I shielded us from view with the side of my hoodie.

Zack: "I'm worried that if we did venture out into the night, that the humans will find out what I am and kill you..."

Rachel gave me a smile and rubbed my chest.

Rachel: "...Zack, remember what you told me last night...about how no one mattered but you and I? We can get through anything together."

Zack: "...I do remember." (smiles)

Yeah, I did remember telling her that. That night before she went to bed, Rachel had been flipping the shit out. It was like, 1 or 2 am and she had a serious meltdown. Shuffling in her bed in tears, yelling and beating on my non-physical body, yelling that she hated people and hated living in society. All of this had something to do with what her and her therapist spoke about which made Ray accumulated a sense of dread and despair. I spent about an hour or so attempting to calm her down. What seemed to work was reminding her of all the fun we had when it was just her and I. I talked about the times we spent together on the Space Colony ARK and how no one mattered but us.

I even mentioned about that one scene from the anime, Angels of Death (Satsuriku no Tenshi), where I told her that she was her own woman. That she didn't need to listen or do something because someone else tells her to. She could do whatever she wanted. I then told her that one day her and I would physically be together again.

Back with the dream, I looked down at Ray rubbing on her shoulders with confidence bubbling inside me.

Zack: "I'm glad you remember what I told you last night. Alright then, let's do it!"

I cannot remember what happened after that, but Rachel had awoken.

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