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[Dream Journal Entry #4 - Jan 28th, 2016] The Xenomorph

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The Xenomorph

[Dream Journal Entry #4 - Jan 28th, 2016]

Content Warning:  N/A

This took place in some style of a corridor. There were windows around me and sunlight that reflected off the transparent metallic flooring. Somewhat like a video game environment. I was with a small group of people. We all headed into the elongated hallway as from behind us there was a xenomorph. It was slick and black, very contrasting to the light filled room. I remember it coming at us on two feet as it proceeded on attack the party with missiles of some sort.

I could remember me and the others spreading out. A few of us ended up in a slightly larger room leading into another hallway. This room had a few grey colored lockers that were reflecting the sunlight that shinned from the window to the right of us. That's when we saw the xenomorph. I remember looking to see him on all fours sitting in front. I was scared, then I informed him that I bore relation to their species but even after that I couldn't tell what he would do. I also stated all I wanted to do was travel to different dimensions and to see ZackTheSerialKiller.

The creature got on two feet and began to walk towards me, being around over 6 feet in height was intimidating. I continually began backing up telling him I didn't want to get hurt. I was backing up to the window as the light reflected off his shiny black exterior. Assume my fear was beginning to irritate him; I could have sworn for a minute I heard a sigh emit from him telepathically. The xenomorph then gripped me as I tried pushing away. I then believed that was when I heard him say, "Stop." (again telepathically). 

He hauled me under a ceiling vent as we both looked up. Enveloped himself around me as he jumped up through it, bolting to the surface. This is when he forced me onto his back, and I clutched on. We then arrived on top of the building as he went skidding down the slopped roof. A sense of rush cycled through me, similar to riding on a roller-coaster and I thought it was fun. 

We then arrived down to the surface of some sort of floating platform over viewing a city. We landed by a small, black car shaped like a spacecraft (assuming that it was the xenomorph's). Dropping down from his back, I could hear him faintly tell me, "I will take you to where you desire to be. I just need to take care of something first. Do not worry about me. I will be back." That's when he fled. I was then left alone in this floating city area overlooking another identical one ahead. So I began walking around. I soon encountered green faced, amphibian-like humanoids in space suits. I was afraid, but they didn't attack me. One stated they were looking for a xenomorph and told me to stay away from the area I was at because the creature was dangerous.

I began worrying for the creature, as for some reason I felt very passionate and connected with him. The green faced beings then disappeared as they went scouting the perimeter and I sneaked back to the black pod. I wanted to contact him to know if he was all right. I found what looked to be a smart phone on the top. I figured it was the xenomorph's. It made me giggle to think such a creature would have something like that. But nevertheless I wanted to use it to my advantage and use it to communicate with him. I looked at the phone, and I remember seeing a screen full of apps, one of which was Google Chrome. Before I could do anything more, I woke up.

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