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Notes to Self

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1. Those random pains that make it hard to sleep at night are the result of a pinched nerve. You know what causes it and you know which exercises will mostly sort it out in a couple of weeks. Do them. Yes, I know that will cause other aches, but those are temporary. 

2. That anxiety you feel is a side effect of the energy increase as the days get longer again. Spring is coming. We know all about "mad as a March hare." Ra's energy can equalize the pressure. He's offered to help many many times. Don't be too proud or too shy to accept. Chi gong also helps, so do that too. 

3. Those other random emotional aches and pains have to do with you dredging up the past and torturing yourself. ~Love yourself.~ That's an order, not a request. Don't argue with me about this, just do it. Keep practicing until I don't have to nag you anymore. This one has other good effects, such as not getting overwhelmed when you spend too much time around Ra. He's got a giant gravity well. Stabilize your own orbit and that becomes less of a problem. 

That concludes the top of the list, next we have things like:

4. Do a little bit of cleaning every day, doesn't have to be very much. Everyone in the house is happier when the dishes are clean and counters have some room on them, including you. 

5. Daydreaming is a useful way to pass the time. It cultivates the muse, and then you have something to write about. 

6. Figure out that exercise thing. Don't want to lose that momentum gained while hiking all over Disney World. You've got a treadmill and you've got Netflix. 

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