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[Dream Journal Entry #5 - Nov 26th, 2018] Moltres Dream

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Moltres Dream

[Dream Journal Entry #5 - Nov 26th, 2018]

Content Warning:  Weirdness 🤷‍♀️

I was in my room, my mother wasn't there, she was at work. I looked outside to see a couple people and some kids under my window, who had what looked to be pokemon from the game, Pokemon Go. They were, what one would've seen in the couple of trailers that had promoted the game, holograms. They looked somewhat transparent for that matter.

I had a moltres in my room, I don't know how or why but he was my moltres. There were a Zapdos and an Articuno perched on one of the trees outside and he wanted to go to them. Since my windows in this dream were warped to be massive, I opened one letting him fly out to see them.

He noticed I didn't follow and came to sit on my windowsill, arching his back as an indication that he wanted me to climb on. For some reason, I hesitated and went to the living room. The moltres followed. He began to speak in a very calm and charismatic man's voice.

Moltres: "What is wrong?"

Rachel: "I...don't know...I just can't go outside."

Moltres: "Hmmm..."

Rachel: "I don't think I can ride you either."

Moltres: "It's not like I'm going to bite you or fling you off my back. If you don't try then how will you know if you can do it?"

Rachel: "...I mean...aren't you a...hologram? (taking note of his semi-transparent body) Wouldn't I fall right through you?"

Moltres: "Even as a hologram, I'm still tangible. Are you not aware that "we" (pokemon) here can be touched?"

Rachel: (looks out the window to see kids playing with a vileplume) "Hmm...ok, we can go out" (proceeds to grab things such as keys and her phone).

The moltres noticed I grabbed my phone.

Moltres: "You don't need that."

Rachel: "But-"

Moltres: "Is your mother here now? Just take a break from worrying if she'll come back and enjoy yourself. What time does she come home?"

Rachel: (turns on the phone to see the time and a text her mother left) "She says she won't be home till 8 pm (it was around 10 am on the clock in the house - also the same time when I woke up).

Moltres: "You have plenty of time then."

I took one more look out the window to see more people outside, walking with pokemon and a couple that had engaged in a battle.

Rachel: "...I'll just takes my phone with me...for Go, if I need to bring out more pokemon."

Moltres: "Hmm..."

Moltres seemed to have no qualms for my decision afterward as we both headed out the door and down the stairs. We made it outside to the fresh air. I walked with moltres expecting him to let me onto his back to fly but someone ahead of us went, "HERE FAT PIG!" to who, I don't know?

Moltres quickly went ahead as his body changed to a more, humanoid appearance. He still kept his avian look but stood upright, with clawed feet nestled in the soil below us, his wings also served as arms now with the flames draping down from them. The coloration of moltres' flames was darker as if he was clouded from the mist from a rainfall. The crest on his head hung over his face as well making it look like he had long hair.

Moltres pulled out a crossbow and aimed it at the sky, taking a shot at something invisible. a fiery aura emitted from whatever the arrow punctured as it was suspended in the air. I looked to Moltres.

Molters: "It's just a ups truck"

Rachel: "Umm...what?! It was flying?"

Moltres: "Yes. The person on there has been known to cause trouble for others and I was just stopping him in his tracks."

Rachel: "Oh." (I was too nervous to ask him about his sudden form change)

Moltres: (noticed) "Oh this?" (postering his full body to me) "It's nothing"

We continued to walk towards the invisible vehicle and then...I woke up.

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