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This world feels wrong...

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It does, and not just because it’s my birthday today, I was like this all yesterday as well.

I’ve felt strange, just so out of place both at work and at home. Those feelings of being adopted have come back to the surface alongside that, which really tries to dampen my day.

I guess sometimes it went into near-dissociative experiences at work, being here but not here, my mind was probably a lot more inwardly focused than I thought. I miss my home, I miss being home, to an extent my shifting has gone back and forth on a scale. Here one moment and gone the next, heh, and it’s always so much more prominent when I go shooting - not my fault some of the beams still look low enough to hit my head on. That’s always an odd kind of shift, I guess. Being inches taller than I actually am.

It’s just a pull, a tug, but it’s still there regardless.

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Well you are right though but its more then feel...this world is not really the best for growing and living in peace in. Not that its the only planet that has problems but on a social level, an emotional level its not on the average normal and that means something for the people living and sharing experiences in this world, some not being human and from here. The more sensitive and aware will feel it the most.

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