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[Dream Journal Entry #6 - Feb 13th, 2019] Fragmented Zack

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Fragmented Zack

[Dream Journal Entry #6 - Feb 13th, 2019]

Content Warning:  Slight Mention of Trauma & Mention of Domestic Abuse

  • I remember being with Zack in an old classroom from one of my previous high schools. Him and I were curled up under the door leading to the hallway so no one could detect us. However, from the corner of my eye, I could identify one of my former bullies from my childhood era approaching the door. He was telling the faculty that we were inside the room. One guy proceeded to open the door and Zack bolted up, hauling my body up with his as we sprinted out the door escaping confrontation.


  • Zack and I found ourselves at some blockbuster store as we sat with some woman by a shelf stocked of VHS tapes as the woman made a snarky comment about Zack's demeaning behavior which in turn upsetted him:

          Woman: "Jesus! Why do you act like this? Did your parents beat you or something?"

          Zack: "!........................" (turns away, pissed off)

          Woman: "...What?" (turns to me and whispers) "Did I say something wrong?"

          It is true Zack had been abused by his family, not just his biological family, but his foster family as well. So what she said really went under Zack's skin as I frantically replied.

          Rachel: "Y-Yeah... It's really best to not say that kind of stuff to him. He's gone through it."

          Woman: "Oh really? Girl, tell me more! I'm intrigued."

          I started suspecting that this lady didn't have any sympathy for Zack's feelings and eventually Zack got up from the table and walked away.


  • I then remember being in a hallway seeing Zack talking to a more elderly woman as she called him out for his eccentric behavior. 


  • The last bit involved Zack walking around at that blockbuster place again with a group of other guys. I tried to get his attention, but he shrugged me off. I was a little disappointed which then caused Zack to turn back towards me in worry. He asked me if I was ok and told him yes.
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