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[Daily Life #2 - Feb 14th, 2019] Invisible Disabilities Neglect

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Invisible Disabilities Neglect

[Daily Life #2 - Feb 14th, 2019]

Content Warning:  Venting

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(This post really has nothing to do with being kin or having headmates. It's just a general life situation about being in a society whilst having a mental disability. So I didn't post it in Psychology Point.)

My care manager called me today to get my full social security number to be able to finish setting up the appointment phone call with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - aka: Foodstamps). My mother then critiqued me on how I spoke on the phone. My usual uncertain tone of speech and lack of understanding; not fully grasping things people throw in my face. And because of that, she fears that with big companies like SNAP will deny me of any support. This would be because, It's common for big companies to believe that there isn't anything WRONG with people with mental illnesses. That, if I can walk, talk and not be drugged up on something or in a wheelchair, then I can get a job and get my own place and food.

This was an issue of mine. I don't have that great of a "social etiquette" as "normal" people do. I can't automatically respond to questions right off the bat without getting flustered or stutter. I'm kind of...slow...in that aspect and need time to think and process my thoughts before I can come up with an answer. But in this stupid ass world we live in, everyone wants things to move fast. Got to be able to talk like a normal person, uphold a job, be an ADULT. I fucking HATE it! And most don't seem to grasp just how stressful all this is becoming; with my other, therapist, society, life, you name it.

I remember watching some service dog video where a woman spoke out about how people are dumbfounded when it comes to those with "invisible disabilities." Things like mental illnesses, personality disorders, etc. Society is quick to aid someone if they can "see" what's wrong with them (e.g. deaf) and not those with a mental disability. Hmm.... I might as well share that video here (timestamp: 2:18),

Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences with things like this.

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