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Draconic feelings

Been a while since I used this blog! 

The draconic feelings have been strong with this one, especially after watching the dragon prince on Netflix. I have been feeling a much better sense of power in my true life, however I’m still working on controlling my high energy XD. Running around the house definitely helps but my energy is unstoppable, lol.

This also brings up something else, how I would be nothing without Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria. I wouldn’t be here if he had not reincarnated me in my true life so long ago, hence why I have such the connection. He may be powerful but he loves others and is always willing to love and help people, despite being way bigger than this entire galaxy. Don’t worry though he lives in the voidal plane, he won’t hurt anyone. Not to mention he doesn’t visit this universe. ^.=.^

Probably going to make this a daily thought thing ^.=.^ 🐉🐉🐉


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