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[Daily Life #5 - Feb 19st, 2019] Faint Kin Memories

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Faint Kin Memories

[Daily Life #5 - Feb 19st, 2019]

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There was an instance where I experienced kin memories today. I was on my way to my psychiatry appointment to go over medication and other related stuff. I took an uber and I could remember sitting in the back, gazing out the window and for some reason, I had memories of being in the back of a police car. I could not truly decipher as to why. Was I being arrested? Arrested for accompanying a murderer in his crimes against humanity? I'm sure back when I was Rachel Gardner we did a lot of bad stuff together after he broke me out of that mental institution.

Sitting in that Uber car driving down the city streets of Rochester and having that parallel line between reality and memory was overall a surreal experience.

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