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[World Building] Slime Rancher AU

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(I'm just dumping the contents from my txt. document about my Slime Rancher OCs' world. I'll overtime clean this up and work more on it.)



(Far, Far Range)

| Table of Contents |

  1. Overview
  2. Diet
  3. Pain
  4. Reproduction
  5. Waste
  6. Scent
  7. Flavor
  8. Fusion
  9. Slime Science
  10. 7Zee Corporation
  11. Slime Culture


The following is of an alternate version of the universe based on the canonical video game Slime Rancher. This is the world where my original/fan characters: Clouse, Claudeous, Colton, Kain & Victor are a part of. Their world and culture take a mix of Medieval, Science Fiction, Tribal and Mythology. Inspiration can stem from films, and book series like Avatar (2009 film). A lot of this is built from the ground up despite it being an alternate universe from an already existing video game. So in return, it takes a long time for me to write all the things down for this, so please bear with me.

Most information is based on what my soulbonds told me and what I have discovered myself during my own time. Please note that not all information is accurate and may be changed over time and some new stuff might be added.


Slimes can eat a variety of things but it's dependant on the species. There are canivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous slimes. Some examples would be, Pure Saber Slimes = Carnivores, Pink Slimes = Omnivores and Honey Slimes = Herbivores.


Slime People do not experience the same physical pain as humans. Even though their slimy organs give them an advantage over them, that doesn't make them at all undestructable. Due to the genetic mutation from human consumption and sexual reproduction, it's common for many slimes to mimic the reaction to things that would normally hurt a human being (e.g. falling down and "breaking" a leg). However, this phantom feeling of pain can be dominated through various ways, but the most common are, mental practice & prescribed medication.

This does not mean that slimes cannot experience pain. Slimes can experience emotional and other mental pains and some chemicals can cause physical pain for slimes. Hunger pain is probably the most noticeable. Food just like for humans, gives slimes energy. It helps maintain their ability to regenerate and keeps them moving throughout the day. Without it for a long period of time, slimes tend to go into a state of mental instability where they will turn "wild" and attack everything in their sights to consume and will eventually die if not fed. There's misconception that only Hunter Slimes and Largo Slimes with Hunter genes go through this frenzy, but it's been reported that every slime to date can go through this phase, even strickly herbivorous ones.


Male and Female slimes have genitalia; Male and female sexual organs respectively. Thus, reproduction is similar to placental mammals. Once a slime has selected a mate and is ready to procreate, the pregnancy process begins. The time before a female slime goes into labor various for the different species of slime. Female slimes with the tabby gene will generally be pregnant from 2-4 months. So it can be a bit longer than your average domestic cat.

Some slime tribes regulate how many offspring are allowed to be produced. Other tribes, such as the Saber Tribe only allow elite ranking warriors to procreate in order for them to pass down their positive traits to the young.


Slimes do not urinate as everything consumed gets deposited from the rear as plorts. Crystalized "fecal" matter that is sought after by humans for their many uses. Currently, Slimes are only able to produce plorts on the Far, Far Range. This is because of the environmental properties on that planet that allow for crystalization to happen. This is a reason why some humans have been sent to the Far, Far Range in order to partake in slime husbandry.


Anthropomorphic slimes have an unique form of scent glands. Adolescent slimes, however, do not produce a scent untill they reached adulthood; this is when they develop their scent glands. This only happens when the slime is experiencing the emotion of being in love and sometimes in a state of relaxation. There are different methods in determining if a slime can produce a scent. Though the most traditional way, specifically in slime civilization, is through mate selection. When two slimes have formed a significant connection towards one another, a chemical compound would usually evaporate from their body producing a smell. The scents vary between each species of slime and most are known to be positive scents. Pink slime scent is reminesient to strawberries and cherries. Pure saber slimes scent mimic the aroma of salted caramel and sometimes peanut butter. And Tangle slimes can smell like flowers and other vegetation.


Just like scent, a slime can have different flavor and the mate is typically the determiner. Again, adolescent slimes that have not have the chemical component that allows them to have this is not considered an adult. Normally if a slime can produce a scent then they also have a flavor. When a slime has found a mate, they will present a piece of them (e.g. arm, finger, hair, tail, etc.). If the mate takes the offer they will more than likely taste that body part. It's believed in most slime tribes that if the mate of a slime can taste him/her then that signifies a growing connection between the two. Human scientists have also discovered that slimes can mask the chemical that allows them to have a flavor. Just like with scent, when the slime has a strong bond with its mate then the chemical reaction occurs.


[Slime Science]

by the 7Zee Corporation. The purpose of the name implies the study of the behavior and effects of plorts (excreted matter from a slime who has eaten, aka: fecal matter) and how they may be used in the creation of an array of gadgets. There are mixed opinions on the morality of the existence of slime science though, in both the slime and human societies. On one hand, slime science was meant to be used in a way that did not distort the Far, Far Range's natural resources as well as be a humane way to collect plorts from slimes. On the other hand, some humans have abused this form of engineering that came from slime science with excessive use of extracting resources from Far, Far Range as well as leading to some unethical treatment to slimes for a quick profit. 

Despite many slime tribes wanting to stay as far away from slime science as possible, a few have incorporated some of these gadgets into their villages, one of these villages being the Ringer Village. While still maintaining their primordial practices and customs as to not stray too far from tradition, these gadgets have helped to improve the lives and safety of village members. An example would be, some villagers position hydro turrets and super hydro turrets along the boundaries of their village to act as a defense against hostile slimes including the notorious Tarr. Some village chiefs and elders preach the ideology behind why their tribes have begun to opt into using slime science; "-- To find better ways to keep everyone safe and improve the lives of others while protecting the natural soil will live on. We shouldn't be quick to judge humans for the existence of these strange tools but to give them a chance. To try to see their side and maybe these things can help us improve our own future generations to come." - Kain, reciting a quote from the previous tribal chief.  Currently, only a couple notable anthropomorphic slimes are known to personally use items made with slime science:


  • Victor's Sword - is made with slime science. He found it during his escape from a research facility and has been using it ever since. Although the thought of using items made by man disgusts Victor, he states "I keep this sword to remind me to never lose the memory of the torment humans have put me through." The sword itself reflects the technological advances of man. It displays a surging energy pulse along the blade.


  • Claudeous' Vacpack - It's assumed that it was made through slime science. Claude found it while he was ambushed by Tarr. Who its previous owner is unknown, but Claude found its usefulness of being able to store and shoot water at a high-pressure velocity which is effective against Tarr.

[7Zee Corporation]

7Zee Corporation is located on Earth. The formation of this business came about when scientists from a federal space administration program identified the inhabitable planet, Far, Far Range that encompassed alien lifeforms who they have been known to be called, "slimes". 

Space exploration vehicles were sent to the alien planet analyze the surface and send back samples to the headquarters.. This was when scientists discovered the useful properties that came from plorts, excreted matter from a slime who has eaten ( fecal matter to some). Some of these crystalline secretions being able to power machinery, provide light to people's homes and streets at night, manufactured into explosives for military and many.

This was groundbreaking news for humanity as a whole! A new alternative to oil, fossil fuel, and natural gas and more obtainable and "aesthetically" pleasing than renewable and alternative energies. This excited the space program and have worked on ways to be able to easily transport plorts from the alien planet back to Earth. Astronauts had then departed to the planet in order to further study the environment as well as transfer over more.

[Slime Culture]

Once slimes began to cultivate and form social order, special dyes of various colors were created and some villages decided to use this as a means of identifying who's who. These dyes consisted of plant material and Ancient Water and each tribe member would be required to color themselves. Those who refused to not be dyed is some shape or form or are found un-dyed are considered outsiders, and within these groups, it was deemed to be a threat resulting in the person being ultimately exiled. There are some exceptions to this though, depending on the circumstances. 

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