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 [Dream Journal Entry #8 - Feb 20th, 2019] Escaping

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 [Dream Journal Entry #8 - Feb 20th, 2019]

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I remember trying to escape from King K. Rool. There was a toilet and I jumped into it, lading inside of a room with different spiraling images. It was like a long corridor of tissue papers projecting a swirl of colors and imagines of animals, buildings and people on them. Rool was running after me, trying to grab a hold and any part of my being as I pushed through the flimsy, giant pieces of paper. Making my way to the far end, I came to a halt, almost falling into a pit of blackness. There was an image of a guy with the words, "You will die here" off in the distance so I frantically turned back. Rool was in front of me but I pushed him back with my foot out of the portal, into his own world. But he didn't give up and attempted to go back in. 

I then found a path above me and somehow I swam up past more psychedelic tissue paper until I opened a vent and made it out of the portal right when it closed leaving King K. Rool inside.
I found myself in a room with a couple of people adjusting their belts on their pants as I traipsed out of the room recognizing where I was. It was the old community college I went to years ago. There was a line of people standing stiff as board by the wall adjacent from me. A guy came down the path. He didn't look human but more in line with one of the alien species from Mass Effect. He wore a uniform, kind of militant with a brute expression upon his face. I was pulled by the arm, back in the room with the two people who both looked frightened. 

Girl: "You got to hurry and put on your belt before he sees you!"

"Belt?" I didn't know what they were talking about, but I assumed that this military guy was some sort of fashion police that would scold anyone who didn't properly dress. So, I found a belt and began to put it through the loops on my jeans. The guy came in and could see me in the midst of getting my belt on. He had a bit of a disapproved expression on his face but soon went on his way. Everyone sighed in relief as these two individuals and I, along with the line of appropriately dressed people trailed behind the guy in front of us.

I wasn't too sure as to what was going on or where we were going but soon enough we end up in a spacious room with bleachers as everyone grabbed a seat. There was a projector playing some presentation in the background as the military guy stood beside it, giving everyone a lecture. I can't remember what exactly he was talking about but it seemed to have to do with general school knowledge. I wanted to leave. But I didn't want this guy to end up beating me with a ruler or something so, I had to find a way to distract him.

There was someone to the left of me shaking. He wore all black with a hood over his head. Was it maybe Zack? I couldn't tell but he looked like he would just pop any minute. Like...if someone were to give him a knife, he would be going on a frenzy. Lo and behold, I had a kitchen knife in my hand for some reason.

Rachel: (thinking) "I probably can get this guy to do something as a distraction for me to make it out of here."

So, I gave him the knife as he went ballistic causing everyone to go into panic.

Rachel: (sarcasm) "Oh no, a murderer! He's going CRAAZZYYY!" (rushes out of building)

Once I got out into the brisk open air, I felt at bliss. However, I kept moving. I could see silhouettes of people from a distance. They were completely black outside from the glimpses of color that were made visible thanks to the fire from the torches that they were setting up. Clouse, Claudeous and some other guy who I didn't know where these silhouettes. I became ecstatic! People I knew! I ran up to them leaping onto Clouse, since he was the closest, giving him a tight hug.

Clouse: "Oh? Rachel! It's been too long."

Claude: "Hi Rachel!"

Holding on to Clouse felt good. He was warm, familiar, and I felt safe. We kissed a bit ("oooo Rachel cheating on Zack OOOOO" | "I'm polyamorous  leave me alone! >:c") The guy beside us didn't know what was going on, but continued to work on what he was doing anyways.

Rachel: "I missed you..."

Clouse: "I missed you too."

I looked behind me to see the building go up in flames. 

Clouse: "Is something wrong?"

I told him everything.

Clouse: "Oh! We can't stay here then. They'll come for us." 

With that, Clouse, Claude and the other guy started packing everything up. Putting out the flame on their torches and bundling up their belongings as they hiked their way, with me in tow, from the area.

Then I woke up. 

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