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The Multiverse of Minds: Public executive summary


The Multiverse of Minds (MoM) is a philosophical hypothesis I formulated end of 2018. It basically extends the classic multiverse hypothesis, which is usually adopted by fictionkin to explain their experiences. It is currently not possible to scientifically prove the MoM hypothesis; it is just a proposal and thought experiment.

The MoM hypothesis basically states that our physical earth universe is one out of many physical reality marbles (PRMs). The concepts observed by physics, e.g. time and space, only have relevance inside a PRM, and different PRMs don't need to have the same physical laws. A PRM is emerging due to an intersection of mindscapes. A mindscape is attributed to a conscious mind of a living being called the Mindscape Owner. In particular, everybody of us has one. Mindscapes are generally infinite multidimensional structures which are contained in the Multiverse of Minds; however I consider the number of mindscapes non-infinite. Mindscape owners can fill their mindscapes with anything they can imagine given they are skilled enough, but they can not ultimately influence the mindscapes of others. They can also create physical realities within their mindscape, and create intersections between their own mindscapes and others. A PRM is a physical reality created within such intersection.

Mindscape Owners are sometimes described as "energy beings" or "spirits" - but in the end, everybody of us is such a being. If a mindscape owner decides to enter a PRM, it is represented therein as a physical being (e.g. human or animal), but can also appear as a member of a plural system. A PRM is typically of much less dimensional complexity than the mindscapes which are intersecting, and the abilities of single mindscape owners within a PRM are very limited. A PRM is basically designed such that it can host the physical representations of the intersecting mindscape owners who reside in there as observers.

The MoM hypothesis generally allows the concepts of reincarnation, past-life memories, future-life "memories", out-of-body experiences, fictionkin and other effects reported by otherkin community members. It emphasizes that earth is a place which is meant to communicate, recover, learn, teach, invent, inspire and be inspired. Also it postulates that our physical universe is continuously created by every being which resides therein, while still allowing the existence of gods which could be interpreted as highly skilled Mindscape Owners.

Please feel free to discuss the hypothesis in this thread or ask questions in the comment section!

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