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Realising more parallels between my life here and within DL is both.. satisfying, yet also disconcerting. Especially when the aspects that are being matched are so impactful to my life and may lead to other more disastrous parallels. This is really just a post to get down some thoughts, so I will not be guiding your hand (the reader) if you are not aware of my source, apologies.

I feel I have managed to identify a Yui, Shu and Edgar parallel currently, but if I’m correct in this this route progression as a result is.. unique. For it is less within the constructs of a route but perhaps more ‘classic fiction’ or some other linear story. I’m reminded of AU fanfiction at this point in time. All of which I suppose makes sense due to the linear format of time within this universe. Some other key events and persons I am still looking to find parallel to, but in writing this I recall that there was indeed a fire in my village.. at the time when I was visiting the Edgar parallel. The fire did not claim any lives, but in a sleepy community where it feels as if time it’s self is frozen waiting for intervention, it was certainly notable.

I also recall my Karlheinz parallel here.. This is a lot to consider. I feel as if I maybe should have been looking for more of these far earlier, but the prospect of so much lining up I thought to be so improbable I didn’t dedicate any time to searching for them. Though, I believe I am at a point of enough indicators to actively put time into studying these parallels, and if they are simply my mind playing tricks via ‘wishful thinking’ or not. Not that there’s anything terribly wishful about this occurring.

1595775484_ChaosLineage.thumb.jpg.ed0e2a62218bdc42b961340009e6b2ea.jpg117323549_DLZeroCover.png.7662e1fb4aa83a312837448203e2cded.pngThere are also more personal parallels in regards to myself; Chaos Lineage is certainly casting it’s toll on my perception of myself. To be written where my memory is wiped, and my identity ‘reset’.. and find myself struggling with the same is another result of my susceptible existence here as a parallel version of myself, not to mention also ZERO. ZERO I originally thought was about an AU version of each of us, but in reality it appears to be more a fragmentation of self - aka trauma fragmentation relating to plurality. So now I see a parallel to ZERO!Reiji and my fragment Sordis.

Though, perhaps I should consider my struggles here with my identity have leaked into DL rather than there to here, regardless of the order of events, I don’t tend to consider myself impactful enough to control an entire entry into the series - this I believe is more something more echoed within the end of my More Blood and Dark Fate routes; questioning who it is I am, and my role that I play.



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