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2 week meditation log III


Again some meditation and dream log for the last two weeks...
Notes: I don't try so much to interpret or explain at this point, I primarily describe what I've seen and felt. Many of the dragons I keep seeing have become more clear, and I know their names now, but I'm not too comfortable to share them here. So I'll use only initials and won't detail how they look like.

This time I didn't meditate as much because (a) of real-world problems and (b) I deliberately slowed down the meditation pace a bit. Now I'd like to do it more often again.. I think meditation is something that is better practiced often.

Did another stand-up meditation with energy work, just to push the universe a little into the right direction...

Later that day, I did a lying meditation, just relaxing. I first had trouble staying focused and conscious.. then, guess who suddently walked in out of nowhere? Yes, another dragon. She came in draconian form, was dark blue in color and had fins around the back and a thick tail. I immediately thought this must be a water dragon. She didn't seem to have wings, but when I asked her if she could transform to full dragon, we both transformed. She seemed to ask me to fly to the ocean together, and so we did. She moved through the air fast, but looked more like a water serpent. We both dive in the ocean and she shows me around a bit.. I see orcas, dolphins, a reef, all sorts of colors.. the water is getting warmer, I like it. In the end, we sit together at the beach.

I'm waking up this morning and thinking: why am I always thrown back into this reality? I felt like a dragon who has lost its wings all night, it feels cruel. I even had an in-dream wakeup and was totally sad about not being able to fly. The dream ended with an eerie thunderstorm.

Did a nice in-meditation flight practice from my backyard to England

Tried to do a meditation to visit my home reality and ask my sister to show me the town, but I was too tired and lost focus

Tried to meditate in the hospital before my surgery, but it was too loud; had some dream during the sedation, but can't remember details

Did a superb flying practice. Flying as draconian feels very fast and agile, I love to feel the wind float over my body and under my wings. I envision a mountain scene to fly through and practice quick direction changes, abrupt stops, upside-down and sideways flying. Clinging to a mountain top, I'm doing a full dragon T/F. Flying as dragon feels a bit less agile, but I can still fly dead fast. I land and wish for company; first, nobody appears, but suddently, C joins me! Boy does he look magnificent, he's all silver and majestic! We dance through the air together, doing a kind of heart-shaped maneuver, falling down in spirals, departing, meeting again and sharply pulling up short before hitting the ground. It feels a bit like mating, but it was only a joyful flight excercise.

Another meditation / energy walk, great weather, listening to the Star Trek Beyond soundtrack again. I meet some chicken and horses and connect to them a bit. Standing on top of a hill causes me to ph-shift and imagine to fly; seeing a long walkway in front of me causes an involuntary full-dragon ph-/astral-shift. Also for a short moment, I involuntarily feel some energy burst coming from earth, floating through my draconian body. I get the impression that not only I can reach out with my mind to others, but also others can reach out to me if I allow it. The sun now feels like an energy spirit just like me. I'm trying to avoid to meet other people. I feel most of them won't understand what I'm doing. But it's such a great reconfirmation of my Dragon identity! Everything feels completely fine.


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