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SDB#11: The Blues

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Hey everyone, welcome back to the show in which I ramble at you pointlessly. This week has been mostly uneventful, but I said I put up a blog EVERY Sunday, and I am a hybrid of my word. (Mostly)

School: not much new has happened, though I had three tests on Friday. I can only hope I did well, as our schools grading system is grade A brutal (I'll show myself out...)  Anyway, school is back on its regular schedule finally. Its nice, though tiring. And we've started our yearly novel in English (though I don't remember what its called right now oof)

Kin: Soool, Bendy came to see me in one of my dreams again. He's getting better at that. Apparently, he's been really worried about me lately. He said that he refuses to lose me again, after all this time.  Its true, I haven't been doing well lately, which I will detail below. As it may go without saying, he gave me some of my fight back. 

Life: As stated above, I've been in a rather bad way as of late. Im not sure what it is, but my anxiety is high, and I've had multiple panic attacks this week. My depression is high as well, and I just... generally feel really uncomfortable. As you might be able to guess, it nearly pushed me over the edge. I hope this passes soon, as its likely a hormone flux that comes with being my age. 


Well, thats all I have to say for this week. Thanks for reading, means a ton to me. See you all around! 

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