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About the Dragon!~

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I tend to astral-travel a lot to visit my spirit companions, even got my own home there too (sorta old sketch, like two years back maybe or three- there's probably more to it than two towers I really haven't explored much but fly around the village, open body of water behind all this, and some mountains)
So while I was chilling with my peeps in the meadow near the home, I had a dragonshift for the longest and I was lounging around enjoying their company. It's not really often that I'm in this shift and I really haven't explored this side of myself at the time, I tried looking at myself in some bodies of water, that pond over there with the trees and another larger body that I like to fly over. Nothing, couldn't really focus much on it, looked like a weird blur of something. So a nice teacher of mine, Jubai( not really his name but helps me remember who he is, he's a silvery mountain dragon. big on tough love and not the type to put up with bs so to speak  :squintderg: . Still hella cool dude though! Love him to bits!) I told him that I'd wanted to see what I looked like, I've realized I wasn't some wyvern type entity but a quadrupedal draggo, but I didn't know what I exactly looked like!  He told me to follow him into one of the mountains, there I can probably find what I'm looking for.

And I did!

But the thing is, I really had to focus on getting there because it really wasn't easy. Some places were too tight to fly so I had to jump mostly, squeezed myself in corners from time to time and Jubai navigated this place with ease. It is his territory sure, but some of these places were tough for me to get to, I think there were some dangerous areas I had to really push myself to get out of( either bc the place was unstable or there were some badies there that'll really hurt me if they'd got their hands on me).

But I got there in one piece! A bit tired but in one piece! He guided me to a mirror-like object and when I approached it I saw-
This!! (not the tail part, I did another look-see of myself on a later time and found out I had a flat tail and antlers;) I saw my wings, my pelt, the plated belly, color of myself and markings, just enough for me to understand the basis of my looks.~ And when I moved it moved!~  But I think what Jubai did, looking back on it now, was just help me focus better to see myself. It could very well be a magic mirror tbh! Though I can't really knock out that possibility that he did all that for this reason~ ;w;/

I think also after visiting the astral I probably heard 'Nakathal' out of nowhere the day after or more, I'm not entirely sure if that used to be my name for this side of myself or my eldritch side(could be both their names tbh!)

I think retelling this brought me into a dragon shift; i mean it was there but not as much as it is now~

Things I learned after this(probably months after this):

What I can remember about those deets about me is that; I did have a breath weapon It was something frosty or lightning related but the thing is I can't tell which I used as a breath weapon or which I used with the help of magic it's hard to tell. The plates on my belly(and neck I think) are scaled but they're kinda fine though, like a mixture between shark and dragon. (like they're just big enough to see when a section starts and ends.~) 

I was big but it turns out my kind from my dragonkin type can get bigger actually! How I came to find this out is when I was chilling (yeah again) in the astral. At some point what I can describe is a dragonic like pair of lioness' approached me. one of them was just my size, maybe slightly smaller(?) her fur was a light brown, furred wing,  belly plates like mine but not as dense from what I remember probably lighter too.  The second one(her mother) was the same in body shape, fur slightly darker, the mother was just tall enough to give me a lick on the head with a bit of a neck bend if she chose too! (for this purpose I'm gonna use a nickname I gave to them Nova(one smaller than me) and Sol(the mother), like with jubai it helps me remember who they were.)  Sol was confused about why I'm out here this time of the season.  She explained to me during the fall/winter months my kind tend to travel nomadically down to this area, with humans no less. [Which is about here I learn that Sol, Nova, and I are all the same species but they're the southern type and I'm northern.~] Sol said the northern peeps do tend to get rather bigger in size( I think length goes hand in hand), and apparently, I still got a bit of growing to do in that regard.

Nova and Sol were really fun to hang out with, and since summer was just heading into fall,  they offered me to join and travel nomadically them to meet up with a northern group so I can be with my own kind. But I sorta... declined because I really didn't really want to leave my family and friends here so out of the blue;; Though I think if I ever meet up with them again I'll take them up on that offer, it's about time for some growth.~

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