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-The dragon's downfall

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I will update this in future posts once I figure out what really happened but here's a jist of it;

I mentioned that my dragon side was nomadic that traveled with humans once back in my other blog entry. From what I've remembered from the tarot readings and meditations seshes, I was an ambassador between my tribe? heard? Pride? I'm not sure what I'd call my group, but I spoke for them along with some select others and the humans who traveled with us had the same. we offered protection and some teachings on of our kind magick, they in turn offer us their own magick teachings, offerings(food and whatnot), there was one other thing but I can't tell what exactly it is. But it's either something that really wants to make us stay(like watching over our young)  or just plain tradition to do so.

Someone in the human tribe didn't really like what both groups is doing, this whole agreement we have with one another, the human group can probably do well without my kind. So either one person or a small group did something to break the bond between tribe and dragons and me from my group. It was probably because I was too trusting or I wouldn't think that anyone would do something like that. <:/

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