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How does it feel to have a prehistoric kintype?


This question is something that I have asked myself all the time. Im sure some people would also ask the same question when speaking with me. I am for now speaking only about the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and not the Godec kintype. I hope to at least give my own experiences as I seem to be the only Dunkleosteus Terrelli therian out there for now at least. 

In the otherkin community it seems that everything related to prehistoric animals are uncommon. While I have mostly seen something more towards dinosaurs, marine reptiles, sabertooth cats and direwolves it seems everything older then dinosaurs is almost nothing. Since I never run into other Dunkleosteus before, I was aware of its existence through some video's and documentaries but never thought once it was a kintype to  begin with me. I mean what are the chances that your kintype is a creatures that existed long before the dinosaurs right? Yeah, the feeling when it turned out to be true. I was never really a big fan of fishes. They look beautiful but never were my favorites so I never looked into prehistoric species of fish to begin with. At the time I never really had a reason to suspect something like that. 

When I first entered the community I thought I was a direwolf based on a documentary that caused my awakening and first phantom shifts in the form of teeth. While over the course of the years I am now in the community it did change, the curious thing was I never felt once it could be a modern animal but always identified as prehistoric creatures. While most can be now attributed to the Godec kintype as the cause since forms share elements with those creatures, there was always a small nagging doubt I did not had the complete picture of my experiences as a otherkin. I always felt there was a earthly creature that was responsible for some other shifts that I never placed with the Godec at all. So why did I never feel that modern day animals could be a kintype and only stuck with prehistoric animals? Well it is not as black and white I would like to hope and that there is a simple answer to that question. In short I dont know for sure but in a longer answer is that I always felt some kind of an ancient energy.  I am going a bit spiritual here but for me it helps at least explains some things since my identity is mostly based in spirituality. While I am aware living fossils exists, I always felt that it was something bigger. It felt a bit more like a hunter but also something bigger then my shifts let me feel. It was always a feeling based on a energy that always pointed to prehistoric creatures. It felt more as me then modern animals but I guess I will never know the true reasons on why I always leaned to prehistoric animals.

Being the most known species of the Dunkleosteus genus would at least in theory mean that there might be more Terrelli therian out there right? Well unfortunaly I still havent really found one or any known activities of such a therian before I entered the community. As far I am aware at least I am the only therian to identify as a Dunkleosteus Terrelli. Maybe there was an another in the past that I am not aware of but I couldnt at least any such thing. Being a fish is already uncommon enough but throw in the fact it is also something prehistoric that lived before the dinosaurs means makes it even more uncommon. I wont say rare but at this point in time I could use that word. Nevertheless as much I wish to be more of the Dunkleosteus genus or of my species, the fact remains that it will remain a rather rare kintype. In the end we dont choose our kintypes so only time will tell if there will be more Dunkleosteus kintypes. For now I will remain the only known therian that identifies as this fish. While it is easy for me to say it feels lonely, the opposite is in fact true. I feel that this kintypes allows me to experience things that differ in some ways from people with modern day animals. 

While I am not saying that my experiences are what this animal is exactly or behaves like I still feel I have some unique insight in this animal. Wether the memories I experience are true or not remains to be seen but the picture I have build up of this animal is something that truely exciting. I will expand on those more in a later date since this is more about my feelings about having a prehistoric animal. I feel now i can answer the question of: what does it feel like to have a prehistoric kintype? In short nothing more then exciting. Yeah I am aware I am the only one of this species but truth to be told it would only have been a matter of time that such a creature would show up. If not now then somewhere in the future. Yes it happens to me but it is not as bad as I always felt about having a prehistoric kintype. While in the beginning I always felt a bit more alone due to these reason, now I feel that I can use my experiences as a way to tell people about something that is not common in the community to begin with. it also helped me to find a respect to this fish despite not knowing its actual appearance. For me the exciting part lies not in how it looks but what made it such a apex predator. Yeah it might have not been the most exciting looking fish out there but for me it are the small things that makes it such a interesting kintype to have. If I would ever trade it for a another kintype if there was such a thing, I would say no. I cannot for myself at least imagine a more exciting kintype then a giant prehistoric fish that was the apex predator of its time. 


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Fascinating, thanks for sharing! I'd be interested to know how this identity relates to your feelings for other marine creatures or dinosaurs... maybe a topic for another blog post?

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