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Where do I start with this fello??

Back in the astral, while I'm getting myself situated in my new home, I was putting wards and other protective stuff around my astral home and physical apartment!~ And( this is important) how I do this I visualize those places in a colored glass tinted snowglobe/bubble that usually represents warding/protection along with some sigils for safe keeping. So I thought to myself 'hey, coming to the astral without any wards/protection things is dangerous too. I should probably do one for myself.' And I did! But first I had to do the same process what my dragonself did, but just not that extensive since this side of me is willing to be upfront about things. What I saw was my small impy-self; bird peets, skull mask, small (everything looks so different when I change sizes XD), floofy from my head down to my shoulders, an even pouch on my belly. 'Sweet' I thought 'now I gotta put this in a safe place.' Where do I put it?? In my pouch of course! I'm not kidding that it's like a pocket dimension of its own, thing is everything is blank black and floating in there, doesn't matter what size the object is (or entity) I can fit them in there so long I willed it. If anyone put their hand inside they'll just feel my belly if I didn't want anyone in that protected space I have there!~ {really like a personal bag of holding~)
The cool thing is that this pouch isn't really limited to this version of myself, my middle and larger ones have it!~ I think my sword is there still even after my eldritch side 'retirement' I just gotta do a little searching in there.  It looks rather empty but I'm still sorta hopeful to see it there regardless. ;w;/

In my dreams and in the astral sometimes I change size usually depending on my emotions but most I can do it at will!~ The middle size is about the size of an average human, that and the smaller impy self usually is where start at if I shift into the eldritch side. I can’t tell yet if the bigger me is wearing a skull mask or if that’s my actual head, though I’m sure I’ll find that out in the future. (lil pic of them below) No matter what form in I'm pretty defensive to anything who threatens my friends and family. Although I don't pick fights with everything I see but do tend to be snippy and bitey (even if it's just roughhousing)

And this is my amorphous form [yes a jared me;]
I can't really revert back into(what I think is) my basic form, it can take any size just as much as my constant forms here.  Mostly when I'm depressed, furious, or hungry is when I'm able to change back to this. I remember in my dream someone had really hurt a good friend of mine and it pissed me off horribly to the point I changed back to my basic form and filled the room up with... Well, me.  I manage to consume the guy but I was still plenty angry after the incident. It took me a while for my friends to calm me down, but they manage to do so. Another incident of me doing something like this in a dream is when I was hiding in a cell. I don't think I was being held there against my will just... staying there and making the room look like
This, It was green and lush like a forest, it even had light shining down from the 'sky' as if it's the outside. If I didn't know any better I'd think this barred door led to the outdoors. But in reality, it was just me making it look like it. A guard got a little too curious and got too close to the stump, the scenery vanished and the guy was gon along with it, What's left was an grey concrete cell and an uncomfy looking bed, after it was all said and done I was my small impy self and walked out of there satisfied.


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