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-The knight with nothing to do

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Going off my dreams again, I've sortof left this part out of the last post because it's... it's a huge doozy!

So there was this significant dream I had where I was fighting with these entities with a sword in hand, flying around high in the sky slashing at beings while they came at me with their own blades. They were wearing golden armor and they had feathered wings as well, at some point, it crossed my mind that I wondered if I were fighting angels of some sorts or harpies at the very least! I may have to delve into that a bit more, but I know I was fighting a group of beings in the sky and won or at least done my part in the battle. And it didn't quite end there, after I finished with what I did in the sky I delve down below to where some demons are to either go back home or heck even fight some more down there with(or against) them. But I didn't see what else happened there because I woke up. ;w;

Ah I think that battle was my last one before I retired, another dream I had was when I was bored and stealing some type of diamond out of a safe? Another is when (this is pretty recent) chased another demon in flight for whatever reason;

I'm sure whoever I'm a knight to is still here with me(he is) but he's just not giving me a job. He just probably holding my sword and making me chill for a while, it's probably for the better knowing how rambuncious I was. XD

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