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I miss my home.

Im not even a big city person in this world and yet I miss just that. Moments where I crave the loud, the crowd, the surrounding, the sheer feeling of belonging. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I went now, what I’d feel for being in that place so close to my being.

It being my canon or not never really comes into play, with my source pretty much being modern Earth anyway.

Luckily, I guess, NYC soundscapes are a pretty common thing on YouTube, and they seem to help me out.

I know Americanism of speech has come through from being around differing communities, shows and so on, but it just seems natural, even if in my accent it seems as odd as anything.

Some days I get flashes of being there, which still leave me with that feeling of longing and being in the wrong place. But they were more recently triggered by what my coworker said which I mentioned in my previous entry - usually those flashes are of being stood on the ledge of a building, the roads beneath me in a T junction, yellow cabs so prominent. Packed as well.

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