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Dream log 2019/03/04


Well I had kinda strange dream this morning. I owned an apartment in an unknown city (slightly remembered me on two cities I know) and came back there (as human) after being away for a while. I found that the apartment was intruded by a witch who lived next door using some kind of magic. This had the effect that I couldn't enter my own apartment with my keys any more, but instead entered the witches' apartment. First thing I found was that she had a nice fursuit (I liked that).

Now, she wasn't around but there was a group of children she apparently protected. They told me that I'd have to learn magic in order to enter my apartment again because there would be no other way. They also told things about Demons and stuff I didn't quite understand.
Soon later the witch returned - she was a normal, but quite tough girl - and agreed to give me a magic crash-course. A bit later, a plane crashed nearby (this is a motive I get in dreams a lot) and the
children applied a kind of protective spell for the place. At that time, I already awaked a bit and dived back into the dream again, so I had some degree of consciuos influence (more like in meditation). I decided to show the witch my dragon astral body which left quite some astonishment both at the witch and the children. The witch told me that I'd still had to learn all the basics, but should be teached different than a human, and should get a clearer picture of my astral body. She recommended to call other dragons to help me with the magic, and follow my instincts...

The interesting thing about this dream was the direct relation to my real life. I'm not sure what the coming back to a known place after a long time means... also I'm somewhat alarmed by the plane crash. I never experienced one in real life, but oftentimes in dreams. However, I think I resolved the reason. It might just have been a flashback. Nevertheless, I feel tempted to accept the witch's advice. Can't go wrong much, I think :biggrinderg:



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