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Another memory, Another soul to find

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Hello folks, Pearl the Ink Disaster¬†reporting in after... falling behind on my blog. OofūüėÖ¬† ¬†Anyway, I remembered a new thing last night and I figured I'd share, though it's a bit depressing. Oddly enough, I'm not too sad about it as you'd think. I am, a little. Though this was thousands of years ago, that may have to do with it.¬†

So, I'm sure you know the details of my canon if you've been keeping up with me. If not, you can view the details here     


So, yes. Some of the lost ones were children. And they became that way via Joeys experiments (pardon my language but Fuck you, Mr. Drew. With a Cactus, you ass). I did say they were all mostly suffering, that's why we had to... put them out of it. It would have been cruel to keep them alive like that, no matter the age. However, there was one who was different, like Sammy. They were a child, a young girl to be exact. So, we tried to keep her, you know? She was, to an extent, still alright. But something must have been wrong internally, she died a few days after. What was interesting, however, is that she had been showing signs of mutations, IE, small horns, the beginning of what looked like wings, and even hair appeared to be starting to grow. None of the others had been like that, only her. As it would turn out, she had been infused with a mix of two of our bloods as opposed to one.

And... It had been Mine and Bendys. She, in a sense, was our child, even if not ours by default. I only see that now of course.

I hope she's happy, wherever she is. 

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