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who this knight serves?

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This guy, a fallen angel named Maxwell(again just using a fake name because it's easiest to remember and for anonymity o0o/),  I don't think he ever left me ever since my soul sorta bonded with the dragon half.  Though I gotta say I didn't trust him at first when I met him, because usually when I have nightmares(and I dunno if it makes sense or anything, it happened a lot to me as a kid, I'll explain that in another blogpost) but whenever I have a bad dream I usually see the being who's the 'antagonist' after I wake up, like  I can see the image of them clearly before they fade after a while.   Maxwell didn't look like the odd headless being I encountered in the nightmare but I was sorta on the defense after it.

Thankfully the first encounter with him was peaceful, he showed he didn't mean any harm or anything so easing up to him was smooth a couple of days/weeks. I've talked to him during some meditation
and I like the dude, you know that feeling of meeting up and catching up on an old friend? That super nostalgic feeling?? That!! It was really great having to spend that time with him honestly,  I still think he wants me to chill a little in this life and I appreciate that~
(yeah that's me chewing on his thumb, apparently, that calms me down when I'm agitated??)

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