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The case of Raisuchus #1

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This will be a ongoing thing relating to my investigation into these shifts what were there a while but were always written off to imagination of one of my forms. The goal is to find a possible explenation based on the experiences I have from investigating the Godec kintype and the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and the relation to each other. Can this animal basicly be like the other extinct earthly animals and be a form of the Godec that is now just starting resurface, be like the Dunkleosteus and be more earthly and seperate or just a case of cameoshifting? Too soon to tell now but hopefully bringing what I know and experience into the picture in order to see the bigger thing that lies beneath. Even if it ends up as cameoshifting it still ends up as a good case of how to tackle it for me. If it is a form of the Godec kintype, this experience can help me identifying more possible forms in the future and mapping them out clearer with having documented some things to help me pinpoint that. If it is like the Dunkleosteus and being its own seperate thing then it will help me more understanding it as a past life and how it fits in with the Dunkleosteus Terrelli and Godec lives. It wont be neccersary be a kintype at that point but rather at least evidence of a past life after the Godec life ended like the Dunkleosteus is the first life after my Godec life. It can help me understand some lives after that and how I could have lived here as said animal. The question wether it is a kintype will be more answered with that process provided it is not a case of on going cameoshifting or be a part of the Godec kintype. If it turns out the latter then I need to examine all the Earthly like forms more to try and see why this alien divine shapeshifting thing has so many forms related to animals of Earth rather then what is native in their realm. I will explore all these avenue's to ensure all basics are covered. I feel focussing only on one thing can make things confusing for me given I still feel that not all Godec forms are here. This part will not be to long and be just a background and providing at least an guess on what is going on.

What do I think for the moment about what it could be?

This is more a beginning question that will be answered in time. It will not be the final answer but basicly be a guess on what I think it will be based on what I do know now. With that said.

Based on what I know I expect Rauisuchus be something more then a mere cameoshift. While it can be easily misidentified with the dragon form given a similiar shape in limb, the key piece will be the position of the neck compared to the body. The claws or toes on each end are also different. The dragon has a more human shaped clawed hand where the Rauisuchus has at least one that is more positioned higher on the limb. The skeleton gives it a similiar shape to the dragon claw but some artist impression to have the higher placed digit. Wether it is 2 like the skeleton suggest remains something to keep a close eye upon. 2 higher placed digits seem to occur in the animal remains meaning 1 can be a small but important clue to the possible origin. I sense also things like horns shaped like that of a bull but wether that is connected to this animal remains to be seen. Armored feeling on the head seems also to be present but that can also be caused by the Dunkleosteus Terrelli, meaning 2 shifts of seperate things occurred on the same time. This also requieres more investigation. Armored feeling is also present on the back only but that can be a vague feeling of possible skin. it doesnt seem to share those scales upon the back as the impression shows. Headshape is similiar enough in shape with no notable features aside the horn feeling. This could indicate a common element with the other forms aside the Quetzalcoatlus and Haast Eagle who have horns. If the bull like horns are connected and not a case of seperate shifts that got mixed up with this and given me a false indicator means looking for the shape of the horns known to us by various bovine species. The lack of any form of notable elements though that can changee

Early indication seems to point to Godec being the cause of it given the strange elements to it what I am aware of at the moment. These elements require closer inspection and must rule out any possible cause of a shift that got mixed up with it giving me a false presence of these things. Unlike other forms it seems to lack more alien elements aside armor and horns and possible the higher placed digit. Armor feeling can be caused by the Dunkleosteus since it has a armored head. The whole head of this feel armored but more crocodile like and not as the fish. Given the lack of notable elements I expect these alien elements are not there and this might be more a case of either an cameoshift or earthly past life with a chance of being a kintype. It seems either way it is connected to the Godec kintype asthe Dunkleosteus is meaning it could have been a earthly life after a bunch of other prehistoric life after the Godec life. My expectation is something more Earthly and not a new form of Godec given the lack of alien elements aside a few things.

For those not knowing what this animal is:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rauisuchus


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