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Sdb #12/13: two boring weeks

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Hellllllllllo everyone. Here's this blog I do. Why? Because I can. Eat it. 


School: not much of interest to list. Its hard to believe we're over halfway through the year. Actually, its hard to believe im almost halfway through highschool. Hell, I didn't think i'd make it through middle school. Well, I'll power through. En garde,.School!

Kin:  Astral visited with Bendy again last night. For some reason, we were in a house that was on an empty street. Im pretty sure I fell asleep with my head on his chest. Gods I love him.

Life:  I have a consultation scheduled with the surgeon on the 18th, hopefully we can get my stomach fixed. My anxiety and depression is still acting up, which sucks. I wish I knew why. Maybe I need stronger medicine. 


Thats all for now. Thanks for reading ^w^

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