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Good and bad things... 🔮


A lot has been going on since I last posted on my blog, a lot of which are good, but some are bad...

First of all, I’m getting the ultrasound to check out my breast tumor, but I’m not sure if it’s benign or not honestly, as I’m showing a lot of the signs of breast cancer. It’s a scary feeling, but even if I do have cancer, atleast I caught it early you know? That’s just how life is, you just gotta roll with it. Secondly, my mom had a medical emergency at the Japanese tea gardens while I was in San Antonio, and she is slowly recovering! However, I’m just worried for her, as I hope she doesn’t have any permanent damage to her spine and nerves, because that’s awful. Thirdly, I was relapsing all this month for a while, with all that’s been going on with my condition. It’s gotten a lot better, but it’s still hard to look back at how much you suffered during that long period of time. It really hurts.... However, despite all that, a lot of good things have been happening!! ^.=.^

I’ve been learning some tricks and trades to help myself fight off my voices, anxiety, and impulses. I always use the phrases, “Keep fighting!” and “Stay positive!” to keep myself going and to ignore the bad and negative energy. I feel like fighting off my voices and anxiety has really helped me to prosper in life, and that means a lot to me, as well as being connected to Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria. I have also been talking to my mighty and powerful astral guardian, Prince Alaphraxxas, who may be smol but very stronk, who has helped me dispel my worries and fears, and to reassure me that everything is okay. I have been speaking to one of my best draconic friends back home, Lugia, and he’s been very helpful and happy! He has a photographic memory, so he remembers things I don’t even remember, lol. Even though I’m still having negative energy and such, I’ve been keeping a positive mind all through it, and I believe that’s helped me so very much! ^.=.^ 🐉🐉🐉

Wow that was long lol XD


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