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A song to sing

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In a dream where three beings were sitting in my dad's room like we all know each other like old time friends, one of them ate something and at some point, I had to ask: "How did you guys turn this way" 

The one who just finished eating another creature spoke up and asked: "Before we can get into our story, why don't you tell us yours?"

I was taken aback when he asked this like I didn't really know how to begin or let alone how to begin. ;w;

So another told me "We'll take you back to your old auditorium and you can tell us there."

They sounded so confident that I could do this and the auditorium was filled with static people holding up lights, one of them patted my back letting me know I got this and not to get stage fright before they and the rest of the friends took their seats. And at that time I didn't exactly felt scared, and the moment I began singing those people but the ones who I saw in my dad's room. It felt... really good to sing what's been bothering me and to sing the story they wanted. I can't tell how it went down or what I sang but it was nice. Something happened after the performance but I woke up..

So it got me wondering what is  my story??

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