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The case of Raisuchus #2

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Alright, I know it might not be to long after the first post but I also disappeared from the site for a while and used that time to really reflect on everything I know. Some interest things happened in the time I was away. I mentioned in my first post about it either being a cameoshift, Godec form or a seperate thing like the Dunkleosteus. It seems it is less likely that it is a cameo since it sems to be grouned into more then mere cameos. That left me with one of the 2 possibilities. I did reflect on those bull like horns and the digit due to the lack of more alien aspects like the other forms have but it seems to be a form of the Godec. I go beyond the other forms and say this is a form that has stayed true to its Godec origins. I speculate that the forms of this shapeshifting being is influenced by the life it leads. So in my Godec life my forms would have looked more different then I describe them now but since I am here on Earth it seems to have taken more aspects on of Earthly creatures. I didnt understand it completely till I went out on a limp and go just on a more outside the box moment and thought about one theory that sounded outlandish to me at first but makes more sense the more I dwell on it. My forms wouldn't taken on these prehistoric forms unless there is a source of these forms. I speculate the reason it has these forms is because they were past lives of me that allowed it to take on forms that would seem familiar to me. So these forms that has some of these extinct animals in them could have been some of the lives I led before my human life. I just can't explain a other reason why it has taken on these forms despite it looked completely different in the past. It just took on these forms as an adaptation to the place I am currently now what is Earth in order to either appear less alien or simply that the passage of time forced some kind of change to this kintype in order to keep existing since most of this energy was damaged. 

So how does this apply to this animal? Well I kept reflecting to it and approached it in the same way as the other forms that share Earthly animal elements. But it felt a bit wrong as it was not the full picture. I then changed the approach and just left it going on as normal hoping to feel something different what I might never had noticed before. By not forcing things was when I got a better picture. It was a animal that at least in height and size shares with Raisuchus but is more different then I knew. It seems to be a form that has not changed at all but needed some kind of trigger to come back. Of all the forms this one has not changed from Godec days or in other words it is a form that has not changed at all. While it shares some things with the creature such as the shape of the claws and general body shape it is also completely different. One thing that I had learned with the Godec form is to expect suprises and well it did. It took some searching around the web to search creatures similiar to these forms and well it is closer in shape to a Qilin yet also different. Qilin would be the closest match to rough body shape. I am still working on the fine details but should give some indication of appearance. It will take a while to work out the complete picture but the sgins are pointing towards Godec form rather then something else. It is just easy to be confused by it all due it's strangeness and take turns into the unknown. Raisuchus seemed more a trigger that needed it to start it all. Since I was not aware of this creature till recently, my best guess is that it all came when I was not aware. It seems time will slowly reveal more about this kintype. I just need to wait. A update will follow what will be the confirmation. I am not saying just yet that it is Godec just that is pointing strongly towards a form of this shapeshifting form. 

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