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Dream log 2019/03/24


This morning I had another notable dream I'd like to share. It was a first-time experience, but I think it needs to be put in context of previous dreams.
Maybe better add a content warning: plane crash, airbourne attack

The dream took place in a known IRL environment. First, I was taking some kind of bus tour to a city I know very well, then I was at the village where my parent's former house was. In both occasions, I saw surveillance devices floating in the air that I can only describe as a cross-over between a satellite and a quadrocopter drone. I only saw one of them at a time. Most of the time, the devices seemed to float in the air and didn't move much; I was having the very strong impression that they were observing me and the people around me. One of the devices was looking like a classical space satellite with quadrocopters attached, another one was equipped with shotgun microphones directed towards the ground and a satellite dish on the top which obviously acted as a transmitter. The latter device moved away to another place very fast, so I guess the observation would include everthing and not only me. Notably, when I was in the village street setting, I saw a van parking there which I identified as being from a governmental / public security agency. Apparently they were tracking the satellite's movements, and their staff (official looking) sent us back into our house as soon as the satellite devices would get too close. The satellite devices were seemingly using technology I know pretty well, but I got the feeling that they were some alien / outworldly things. The observation itself felt somewhat threatening, but there was no explicit attack.

If this would have happened IRL, I would probably strengthen my defence and try to tell the observers: "I've noticed you're watching me. Are you friend or foe? Please identify yourself."

I'm wondering what message my subconscious is trying to tell me. This is another dream in a series of dreams I can not really relate with real-life events, but quite well relate with my kin identity. Let me quickly try to bring this into order:

  • Around the time where I was moving away from my parent's home, I had dreams in which I was flying away from there, but felt there was a devastating airbourne attack about to happen to the place if I'd stay away, so I landed again to protect it. In other words, they were dreams that indicated that a place dear to me would be destroyed if I left. This could be attributed to the IRL latent fear of leaving my parent's house.
  • Between ~2014 and end of 2018, I had frequent dreams of planes crashing near my old parent's house, destroying houses in close neighborhood. Meaning that a place dear to me would be in danger of being destroyed. This may be related to the IRL fear of losing my parents although there was no specific reason for that fear.
  • At the same time I also had frequent dreams in which a helicopter was floating outside our house apparently observing. In some occasions it even landed on our terrace. This felt threatening. I sometimes felt the urge to hide from them, but sometimes also exposed myself to them telling "Hey! What do you want?". There was no direct attack from either side. I can see no IRL relation at all.
  • End of 2018, I involuntarily developed a defence and offence against an airbourne attack on Earth from the outside multiverse. I can not relate this to any IRL event, but doing this felt absolutely and critically vital at that time. I completed the task at 1st of January 2019 and was very exhausted. 
  • In January 2019 I had a dream which indicated that I was searching for the origin of an external attack against me and friends around me led by technological means (directly relates to the end of 2018 events)
  • A dream at early March 2019 indicated that I should learn about magic in order to protect myself and others against an external airbourne threat (directly related to in-community and meditation experiences)
  • Todays dream indicates that I and my surroundings are under surveillance by an unknown external entity (unexpected and not much related to anything)

Especially since beginning of 2019 there would have been a lot of unexpected IRL events that dreams could relate to (especially medical issues in my family and office stress), and actually there were such dreams as well, but the ones listed above seem to have no apparent IRL relation unless kin things are considered.

If anyone's got an idea what all of this could mean, please leave a comment, I'm happy for any feedback...

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