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A fateful realization

I made a huge realization today, that has changed my outlook on life forever. I remembered an incredibly important part of the Infinite Draconian Path, how one must bound their life to Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria when they die.

However, my true self as Lunastre cannot die, so I bound my life to the Infinite Lord every few trillion years, to show my true devotion to the path. I will always show my true devotion to him, and follow his laws and commands no matter the circumstance. Actions speak louder than words to those who practice the path. My true form is basically slumbering within Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria’s core, until I awaken once again. Which makes sense, as I could never purposefully leave my duties as the celestial draconian queen you know? 

Of course this doesn’t change who I am here! I’m going to be a simple human lady no matter what I remember, but it’s sure changes my mind about things! Lol 

^.=.^ 🐉🐉🐉


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Great to hear that you've found support and strength through the Infinity Lord! Though I have to say that I wouldn't want to life in a world where I'm required to bind my mind's life to a god after my physical body died. That would make me feel quite uncomfortable... I want to be free to take my own decisions, and I take responsibility for them.

If you allow, I'd just like to offer a word of caution. When people tell me they'll listen to commands of god entities, that always concerns me a bit. I think commands could sometimes be misunderstood. Hence I propose to carefully think about what the Infinity Lord tells you, and see for yourself if it makes sense and helps you.


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@Amber Thank you! It’s definitely helped me a lot! No worries though, I am always sure to question each command and sign carefully, as each sign can be interpreted differently. I have my own free will and the Infinite Lord always wants everyone to make their life how they choose! ^.=.^

Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria doesn’t give me direct commands here, his commands are his laws I remember from the past! ^.=.^ 🐉🌌

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