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A small call and decision to make

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So a whole bunch of stuff happened I can't quite remember in this dream but except this one part.

So two opposing winged creatures who are feline in nature walked close to each other, face to face.  One was a bit taller than the other but it didn't seem to waver the slightly smaller one, both of them tilt their head up into the sky and roared loudly, their whole body being struck with lightning and empowering them both. For some reason, I ran from this and into the room with an old black rotary phone standing on a pedestal ( like the ones you gotta spin in a circle to dial it.) It was ringing, sure I was sorta felt spooked about it but I felt it was for me.  Man's voice told me(and I may be paraphrasing here but I know some words  were really key at this part):

"It seems like the events with your brother have finally started. Would you like to rewrite history?"

And without a heartbeat or even hesitation, I just said "Yes." I can't tell if this was a moment in my dragon-side's life or my dreams just tossing stuff together as it should. It's certainly something to delve into for a couple of days though!

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