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New developments

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I am still on track on what is happening but my research is taking suprising twists and turns. The important thing is that the shifts have increased and are a bit stronger then the usual shifts I experience. It helps me to build up a picture of what is happening. Before I go further into it I also studied this relation to the Rauisuchus who seemed to have triggered something. I have tried to approach it from all points but it seems there is a link to be found what really points towards the outcome of a Godec form. While I do have already have 6 known one, I did always deep down know that it couldnt be all. My best calculation was between 6-8 forms since I am confident it isnt one that would support like 10+ different forms. Why 8? Well it has to do with that it had already limited shapeshifting abilities based on how the powers are received in the Godec realm. Going by that logica, my father was not a shapeshifting being but my mother was. My father's nature of a non shapeshifting nature did affect the nature and development of the ability. At minium it could support 6 form and 8 at max since it didnt had the means to support more then that. It's just the product of that life. With that being said my feelings that it could be a Godec form is slowly growing and growing. Why? It doenst resemble a Earthlike creature at all. A best description would be a being that is a cross with a bull and dragon without it being a dragon directly. So going by this viewpoint, where does the Rauisuchus comes into play? That comes in how the creature is build, The front would be closer to a bull with front legs being hooved and a head that is more draconic with bull elements. The behind is similiar in structure to the Rauisuchis. This means the behind is more build as the Rausuchus in terms of the back limbs and tail. So this beast woulc be a cross between a bull and Rauisuchus if I use current terms. It does support wings it seems but that requires a closer look to ensure it isnt the product of one of my other forms. There is still a lot to research but its a update on where it does seem to be going in terms of answers. 

If I know the answer for certain then I will try to make a commission of it since it is different from my usual forms in many ways. I believe in order to solve this mystery I need to continue studying both how bulls are build and pull more information up about the Rauisuchus if my current theory is right. I feel the answer lies in these 2 animals and understanding them will help me solve some things about it in terms of it indeed making it a wole creature as my shifts are suggesting. I just need to rule out a possible weird matchup and that it are indeed 2 seperate beings. 

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