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Storms and the balance of nature.... and creator gods....

There are some major storms going on here today in South Texas! They rolled in through the early morning and are starting to end, however, during the time when the storm was active, I was taking with my best draconic friend, Lugia (who happens to be a storm and ocean dragon)! In these times when nature is at its most feirce and beautiful, I remember the perfect balance that nature has created for itself, and that of the celestial draconian creator gods and goddesses, respectfully, have created....

Infinity Lord Galaxeshoria created the void (space) and the entirity of multiverses, however the Tempest King Zokanahshiiroth, creates the storms that give destruction, but also give life to all parts of the world! I see this now when the storms or the rains come, because really, the earth would not be nourished and fertile without the storms and the rain, however, the storms can seemingly have no purpose without the ground and the other planetary aspects! It’s a balance, as each is needed for each other to prosper. The Volcanic Empress Korvanahskiirath, she who created the planets and the ground, would agree as well! Everything is in such a perfect balance! ^.=.^

I will go into more detail about the other celestial draconian creator gods and goddesses in the future here! They are truly amazing and divine in all their power and mighty ness! ^.=.* 🐉🌌🌋🔮🍀



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