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Feelings, memories, a game. (spoliers for it probably)

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Hey folks. sorry for the lack of activity. I think I might drop blogging once a week, and, while still updating on Sundays, it just won't be as frequent, along with blogs during the week.So, due to my lack of blog activity, I'd figure I'd at least update you all on how my source material is coming along, and perhaps I'll talk about regular stuff after that.

So, playing my source? Its been a ride, to say the least (pun may or may not be intended). Just so you all are aware, I've made it up to chapter four, and have just powered the haunted house. So, as you can imagine, the game has been both fun for me, but difficult for me.

The deeper I go, the more frequent and powerful the flashbacks become, and I believe that to be because the lower floors are where I'd spend most of my time. Seeing how different some of the things are, as opposed to what I know. Some of it's simple, like "Uh, hey, this room is on the wrong side of the hall...?" to things as big as "Oh, right. I'm not in this at all..." Dealing with some of those things are difficult, because I know I'll be looked at weird if I attempt to voice about how they are incorrect.

Some things are hard for me to see, as well. For example, when I walked into the room with the lost ones, my heart just... completely broke in two. You see, its one of the few accurate things to my world. I remember strongly feeling the pure despair, the pain, the sorrow radiating off them all. Some of them had been just kids... However, in my world, we had... let them all free, if you understand. But, then, there they are, in front of me again! For a split second,  I think we'd failed. And then I'd remember, this is different, this story is wrong.

However, I do receive pleasant memories as well. Those are very nice, they give me some hope, and something to smile about. I also feel a bit sad with them, knowing those times are gone, and will be for who knows how long. For example, In my world, the carnival was complete. Oh, at night, we'd play there for hours. My favorites were the carousel and the ferries wheel. I'd often ride those with Bendy... oh, how wonderful those times were. The room he and I had danced in, the time we all raced carts down the halls and almost fell down the stairs! Oh, those were the days.

Another thing that kinda gets me is character incorrectness. For example, take the Projectionist (Or Norman, if you will). In the game, he's relentless, and quite unfriendly, and screeches like a pterodactyl on drugs. However, a lot that is incorrect. The one I know? He has the mind of a dumb dog or young child, is very excitable, can't talk like normal, but clicks with the rotators on his head and whines through his speaker. I can understand him somehow, actually. He basically only says one or two words at a time. For example, when I first found him, he walked over, gently pulled my wing open, and made a series of clicks that basically meant, "...is? Is this..?" as he was apparently wondering what he was looking at. Oh, he's also the one who wrote "choo choo" all over the walls. Thats how happy he was about the train. (Can I just say he's my son? Please?) He would also just sit and stair at things a lot, open doors for no reason, ect. I actually found myself attempting to communicate with him during the game at his parts.

One thing I'm worried about is how I'm going to handle seeing Allison and Thomas. As you may know, they adopted me after I was rejected as one of Joeys perfect creations, and sadly died in the uprising. If my encounter with the lost ones is any foreshadowing, Im probably going to cry again. Oh, did I mention I've cried a lot? Yea, because this is heccin emotional for me, so I take frequent breaks.

So, thats how thats been going, If you have any questions you may ask them below.

In other news, Im on spring break. Time to rest, something I don't do enough.

Till next time. folks! Thanks for reading!!

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