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A preview of zhuard vocalization


Yeah I've been a little wary at posting this at first and in general. These up and coming dinosaur games don't know how to act and like to rip sounds right from obvious sources without changing them.../..BUT there is a bit of curiosity around how zhuards sound like. This is just a preview-- I have more files but I'd like to listen to and tweak them depending on how I feel about them. Most are correct. I will continue making these- just another way to bring my one of my kin species to life.  The descriptions provide a little lore/information about the sound you are listening to. 


-----HEADPHONES ARE BEST------(as I used headphones to create these, you get a better feel for everything)





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I love the vocalizations! Obviously I'm not a zhuard, but my species has a similar rumble-growl-purr thing.

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Excuse my really late reply! Thank you. I was thinking about putting the rest up here/linking it to my other art sites recently, but since a month has gone by, I need to give it another listen to (just to be thorough). I'm glad you found something that speaks to you (literally haha). 

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