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All my tulpas/system mates so far


The system is all characters i created (ocs)

Host is me ( ref :

Here we go

76b4a8ad6d449d7.thumb.png.d1de4032f73ef9bc176698c00b61d199.png H the Dragon (art by someone on pixilart,not saying names for privacy reasons) 

Species: Dragon (duhhh)

Gender: Non bi

Sexuality: Unknown

Age: 14

A friend dragon that loves male pronouns but he prefers "their" "them" "they",He is always questioning life and his identity.He is a tulpa created in 2019

c5b1590a36ed785.thumb.png.93cb82271568605e7ce23ff2a998f181.png Clicker the amazon dragon

Species: Amazon dragon

Gender: Female

Sexaulity: Bisexual

Age: 18 (200 in dragon years)


A kind heart and loving dragon,clicker helps her host when shes depressed or when she has  a anxiety attack.she is playful but can be very annoying at times.She was created in 2018



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