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an update

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I'm sorry for the lack of activity as of late. Something had happened, and as I mentioned a few days back in the forums, I was really stressed, blah blah blah. I finally got my urge to blog back after slowly easing back into the forum activity, and so I figure I'll do a good old fashioned update blog, for those who are interested that is. 

So, as of today, I still haven't completed playing through my source material. I've been putting it off because I did indeed try to play through the last chapter, and as you probably imagined, broke into tears around three minutes in. Really, it's embarrassing to me. I figure I'll get around to it, I just need some time to work up the nerve. I also needed to break due to the memory floods. 

School has been going alright. Lately, we have been having our state testing. We had English this week, and next week we'll have math. I'm not very good at math. But I think I'll be alright, as my IEP allows me to pass with at least a 2 score. 

  Anyway, another thing at school is that this kid has been flirting with me. I don't know what to do, because as you all know, I'm taken. However, I don't want to be rude to this kid, ya know? I should do something before a certain demon decides to get protective... I love that he cares but Darling plz! Ya can't steal my body to yell at people. As he's done that once before. 

I went for more testing for my stomach issues, and they came back inconclusive. I've now been referred to some high-end children's hospital. Im uncertain if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but hey. If we can fix my stomach its cool. I've also have had my dosage for my anti-anxiety/depression meds upped, so hopefully, it will kick in soon and I'll be doing better emption wise, ya know, last panic attacks and whatnot.


Not much else has happened as of late, but I figured I'd update anyway. Thanks for reading, see you all next time!

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