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Hi there. 

Now then, who the hell am I? I hope you have an answer ‘cause I sure as fuck don’t know.

My alias is Lance. I go by he/him pronouns and am a male who happens to be transgender; I am also bisexual. I am an agnostic-atheist witch and psychological otherkin. I am an INTJ and a Ravenclaw (+Slytherin, I took the test five times and got a 3/2 ratio). I am a creative writing student with aspirations of becoming an author. I am also a huge Star Trek and D&D nerd.

I believe I am a psychological otherkin because my kintypes began to arise after various trauma points. After the religious abuse I suffered as a kid hit its peak, I started to identify as a dragon. After my biological father left, I started identifying as a wolf. So on and so forth. I definitely didn’t choose to identify with all of these kintypes- and I have no idea who 
WOULD choose to identify as otherkin, it literally makes my life a living hell sometimes. Phantom wings are a pain, having many “lifetimes” of memories is a chore, and I would rather just be a human than identify as an otherkin.

I feel like I have kintypes left undiscovered. Those “kin feels” that won’t go away. Not many, hopefully, and, hopefully, my subconscious stops yeeting kintypes into my already fucked up identity. 

Agnostic-atheist and witch might also tangle some people up. To put it simply, I believe that there is an underlining connection between all things in the universe. Some call it divine consciousness, while others call it social media. I just call it universal energy. I believe that through the manifestation of thought one can create magick, or willing something to change by effecting this universal energy. I don’t believe in deities as literal beings, but instead, archetypes that carry a signature energy in this energy web. We all have a different kind of energy because we are all different, and by tapping into the energy of a deity archetype you have access to guidance to change what must be changed. 

To make an example, if you pray to Loki you are not praying and connecting to an actual being, but instead, a type of energy that reflects the correspondences of what Loki represents (mischief, change, etc.) By tapping into this energy, and honoring it in your own way, this energy will influence and guide you and the energies around you.  If you wish to get technical then, yes, this same argument can be made for spirits as well.

Now then, I have no idea what this blog is going to be about or contain. Memories, musings, introspections, witchcraft shit, who the hell knows. I’m in for this ride just as much as you are.

Adios, mdudes



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