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Re-Introducing Myself


I decided that I should be more active on here, so why not actually run this blog? Note that most of these blog posts are going to be shifting logs, questioning updates, and system troubles, but I might post meditations on here if it isn't too personal. 

The non-Otherkin pieces and parts of me are not as wild as the totally-Otherkin parts of me, so I'll just start there. My name is Viktor, but I used to go by Lance (hence my username) before I settled on Viktor as my name. I am transgender, FtM, and I'm pre-everything. I am bisexual and aromantic. I am Irish, German, and Swedish, so 50 shades of white, but I also have Jewish and Polish ancestry; fun fact, I might be Asian if 23andMe could make up its mind. I am a creative writing high school student with plans of becoming an author. I am an ESTP, Ravenclaw, and 8w7. I play D&D and am into Star Trek, Wings of Fire, Pokemon, and The 100. I am also a massive furry, so there's that. I am professionally diagnosed with MADD, cyclothemia, PTSD, EDNOS, and OSDD-1b. 

I didn't really have the best childhood. You can blame my dad for that. He was abusive mentally, emotionally, and religiously. I was raised in a Christian cult to put it plainly. Between the ages of 4 and 6, I went through two exorcisms. He constantly shoved religion down my throat with that mix of sinner-complex and gender inferiority. Some other things happened when I was a kid, but I feel like I shouldn't mention them here, so just have that vague statement. When I was 13, my father abandoned me. He went from the controlling force in my life to nonexistent. He and my mom had gotten a divorce since before I was born, and she had always been my primary guardian. She is the complete opposite of him, so when he left, she was the one who helped me through it. She's also a therapist, so that's nice.

Ever since childhood, I'd felt I was different. When I was in 2nd grade, I awakened to my dragon identity. I would go around to everyone at my elementary school and ask what kinds of dragons they were, I had a whole system. I was an Ice-Darkness dragon, of course. I would go off to what I called the Dragon World and live as a dragon. When dear-olde-dad tightened his religious grip on me, I felt like I had to drop the identity. It was maybe three or four months after John left that I discovered Therianthropy through a Youtube video entitled "Furries vs Therians." I was interested; I'd never heard that word before. So I watched that video, then an explanation of what Therians were, and thought it was mad. I laughed at it!... but then I kept going.

And going...and going...Until a few weeks later I came out of the back room of my house, crying, in my mother's arms, saying "I found my people."

I decided to call myself wolfkin because my fursona at the time was a wolf and it seemed like everyone else was one. From Therianthropy I found paganism and Wicca, and that's how I started my journey a year later on Ostara. 

Now that you got my life overview, onto who I am now.

I identify mainly as elven and Sirian Starseed, but I am also a Therian and (psychological) Fictionkin. I remember three elven lifetimes and I believe I've lived many lives as a Sirian. I am a coyote, Irish elk, and red-tailed hawk (this one is psychological, imprinting) Therian. I am also a psychological demonkin (subconscious coping mechanism for the religious abuse). My fictiotypes are Toriel from Undertale, Snivy from Pokemon, and Hailstorm from Wings of Fire (this one I am questioning to be spiritual). As of now, I am questioning eelkin and various other dragon lifetimes. I am also questioning being a couple more characters from Wings of Fire including Whiteout and a Hivewing.

I am a NeoWiccan who mainly practices storm, animal, and space witchcraft. I am a spirit worker and divination user. I also am a Pop Cultue Pagan, or I use influences from pop culture in my pagan path. I've been practicing for around three years now after dedicating myself on Ostara 2016.

Like I quickly mentioned above, I am diagnosed with OSDD-1b. I/We are a traumagenic plural system of 12 of various identities. Those that wish to post on here will probably introduce themselves, but until then you got me. 

And there's my introduction, new and refurbished. Hit me up if you want to chat and stuff. Until next time, adios m'dudes.


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