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Hailstorm VS Dragon Kintype


I just finished reading through the second arc of Wings of Fire, which I would assume is the last arc that would feature my kintype, Hailstorm, in any large light. After reading through I wanted to make a list, a bit of a Venn diagram, about the similarities and contrasts between Hailstorm and my unnamed dragon kintype. I believe that I have only one dragon kintype and that that one kintype is Hailstorm. But, of course, I can't just say that without some sort of written out logic board about the five Ws and one H. Lets get started, shall we.

(Note: I'm gonna call my dragon kintype "Dragon")


  • Both have been Ice dragons
  • Both have experienced being a darkness dragon
  • Both royalty
  • Both have siblings
  • Both have had a case of being turned into another kind of dragon through magical means
  • Both have been in a war against an ancient rival


  • Hailstorm was born an ice dragon, while Dragon was born a darkness dragon
  • Hailstorm experienced being a darkness dragon through forced telepathic link, while Dragon experienced being an ice dragon through transformation
  • Hailstorm was transformed into a Skywing, while Dragon an ice dragon
  • Hailstorm is male, Dragon is female

Then there are the other bits but this is the main idea behind it all. I don't know, it just makes more sense to me to be just Hailstorm, if that makes sense. I was also a child when I discovered Dragon. So it would make sense if some of this stuff was exaggerated for the effect of a good and compelling mental story. I remember three "generations" of the Dragon story. The first one featured Dragon just as an ice dragon, with the darkness coming later. The integration of darkness also happened after I went through some religious abuse, making me feel shame and "dark". Also, my phantom shifts for Dragon align very closely to Icewing anatomy: long spiked horns, the tail, even the snout. 

There is a dragon in Wings of Fire, Whiteout, that compares a lot to Dragon:

  • Both are Ice-Darkness dragons
  • Both have a brother that become the villain
  • Both are female
  • Both are royalty hiding in another kingdom

But the difficulty here is that I didn't feel that "kin connect" to Whiteout as I did to Hailstorm, especially when it was found out that Pyrite was Hailstorm. To be honest, that has to be one of my biggest kin-connect moments because a) I was already feeling kin feels for Icewings, and b) I was feeling kin feels for Pyrite herself. I was hella confused. That is, until it was found out Pyrite was Hailstorm all along. This may just be a matter of needing to go back and reread Darkstalker, but I digress. 

It's like when you have kin-firmed both a Wolf and Fox kintype. They could be the two separate Kintypes, or they could actually be an animal with the same traits as wolves and foxes. 

If anyone has read this far, congratulations and grab a cookie, but any advice would be Gucci. 


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