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Wrestling and Me: Episode 2


Day two of wrestling today.

It didn't go as bad as yesterday, although i'm still in the same amount of pain. We didn't do 100 runs, but instead ran around in a circle for half an hpir passing a ball. If you dropped it, you had to do one of these wrestling defense moves or 3 push ups. I hated the move cause I can't do it.

So we started class and we were practicing under holds. I completely failed at that, but I don't feel bad cause my partner was even worse XP. Lemme stop talking about people hehe.

We practiced knee holds for a whike after that then got serious. I was, as usual, in the underweight group. The same boy I was with was to. So was my sister. I was just like, dang, we all come here to lose or gain weight (muscle)?

Our goal was to get our matchuo down in thirty seconds. I failed all my turns so I had to do 10 push ups for each. We had to end in the middle of it though. I wasn't breathimg as hard somehow, but thats a good thing.

Oh well lets see how tommorow goes! Its the last day for the week then we start over.

Wait a Minute:

In an attempt to make this somewhat otherkin related, I still am in a ear shift, meaning my tail now collides with stuff for now. Once while we were practicing like some type of katate kick (XD I accidentally wrote Karate Kid at first), my tail brushed against one boy and he turned towards me so quick, I lost by balance. At first I thought I kicked him, but that was impossible as my leg went in the opposite direction. I am so confused as to how he could feel my tail. This happens to be the same boy who was pretty much wrestling like a literal animal. My thoughts are, he may be otherkin and not know yet. This is literally just me jumping to conclusions.What do ya'll think, should I approach him or study a but more about the way he acts.

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This sounds like great fun! About that boy, I would maybe just study him and casually tell him "hey, you're fighting like a wolf" or similar and see how he reacts. I think asking people right away if they're therian might cause unwanted questions.

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