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Self s'elf Help

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Elvenportal has a good list, but quite a few of the links are broken, so I've gone through and picked out ones that aren't! These are Sites that I found useful/informative. Please feel free to comment with sites you would like to see up here!



Silver Elves - A good starting resource! A group of Elves who help other elves find their place!

Elvin Portal- A lot of good resources involving Elfin exploration! - Another good site for finding yourself/finding answers! - More info about Elfinkin - A non-Tolkien Elven language! 

Catharism - A potential 12th-14th century Elfin group in France!

The Cathars/Catharism (2) - Hybrid DNA 

Elfin Awakening - Elfin Blog with good information

Lostkin - Otherkin Memory Recollection

Eristic - Big resource, lots of resources to other sites too.

The Fair Folk - An Essay/Chapter about Elfin kind

Otherkin Resources - A sort-of mini-hub for resources of Otherkin.

Otherkin Fandom Wiki - FANDOM wiki site of Otherkin!

Elfkind Digest - A sort-of magazine/digest providing more info on Elfin'kin and Otherkin!

Tolkien High Elves - A discussion about Finnish centric games.


Wanya yassen i'taure e' seere, (Depart with the forest peacefully),


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