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Being accused of stealing

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Being Accused of Stealing




Disclaimer-I am not sending hate to my mother, I am just telling what happened, as I remember.  And if you for some reason know my mother and me, don’t go saying telling her all of this! We are cool now, I just needed to vent about it.  Enjoy the story


Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do?  Doesn’t it feel terrible, especially when you get defensive people think that you actually did do it since you go defensive? Well, this story is a true story that happened just last night! At least when I wrote this. 

          I was coming home from school, it was a beautiful, warm sunny day.  When I was walking up the porch steps my mother, standing in the door frame, was waiting for me.  Seconds later my sister ran out to me from inside the house.  Sophia is a tall brown haired 3rd grader, who is sweet as can be,

          “Cleo! Can you help me turn on the Wii?  It’s not working…”  I smiled and replied, “Of course, one second…” I looked to my mom, but she looked very stoned. Like she had seen a ghost.

          “How are you mom? Did you flush today, or was it a good day?”  She was slow to her reply, but it was just her new medicine making her slower than usual.  For background, my mother has been fight a mysterious disease, that no one has been able to figure it out.  She has been to 31 doctors, and none of them can figure out what is going on…  Anyway, back to the story.  She told me that she was feeling okay, but wouldn’t move from the door frame, so I had to squeeze past her.  When I got inside, she said that the new medicine that makes her calm down, makes her slow to the mind.  And I understood, then she asked me, “Cleo, can you run to target?  I can’t drive right now, and even if I could, I am not dressed and…” “Sure! I don’t mind! What do you need?” I interrupted, she made a list, so I went upstairs and grabbed a bag to put the groceries in.  When I came down stairs, I saw her list with $25.00 laying on top of the list.  I took it and put it in my wallet.  “Mom, is this enough for hygiene product? I need some more…” She said yes.  Before I left the house, she said, “Shouldn’t you grab a hat or sun glasses?” I answered no, and explained that I don’t look good in sunglasses, and that I don’t have any, then said that I don’t need a hat. She offered to give me two target gift cards to see if I wanted to buy sun glasses.  I said,

“Eeeeee, mom, I don’t really need any…. But I mean if you want me to get some then I will…” I was kind of trying to get off the topic, because I assumed that my mom would ask me why I don’t like wearing them.  I am very self-conscious about my face structure, and I think that sunglasses make my nose look weird, and I really, REALLY do not like talking about it.  My mom thought that what I said was rude, and narcissistic...?  She mimicked me in an exaggerated tone, and sent me on my way angrily.  When I walked out the door, I was confused, (I didn’t say that in a rude tone at all…!)  But I just thought I’d let it go and apologize for it when she cooled off.  When I walked into the store, I saw an old friend of mine, and her baby,

          “Mrs. *fake name*?!” I smiled and waved, she smiled and said hello; I gave her a hug, and talked to her little girl for a moment, and said hello to her husband, of course.  Later I said goodbye, and went back to finding all of the things I needed.  After a while, maybe an hour or so… I found everything she needed, salsa, taco shells, ground beef, and my hygienic product.  I went to the self-checkout line, and stood there for about five minutes.  When I scanned everything the total was, twenty dollars and sixty-nine cents.  I was taking slightly longer then I should have and got a little anxious, (I have social anxiety, and I thought that I was holding the line…) so while I was waiting for my change, I grabbed the grocery bag and made sure I had my wallet.  I wasn’t paying attention, but I then heard the cash coming out of the machine, and grabbed what was there, and then grabbed the receipt.  Then went to the café across the check outs to put all of the things in my backpack.  For some reason, I took everything out of the markets bags, and put them in my backpack, and slipped the receipt the market’s bag, without realizing it.  After I made sure I had everything I headed home, after throwing the market bags in the trash. 


When I got home, my mom was waiting for me.  I imminently apologized for the stupid thing that she over reacted about.  She said thank you, and I told her that I was going to put the food in the kitchen.  She followed, and asked if I bought anything extra, like gum or candy.  I truthfully said no, and she asked again.  I said no again, and she asked for the change and the receipt.  I gave her what I found in my backpack, and looked for the receipt.  (It’s gotta be in here!  She’ll think that I bought something and threw it away…!) I started to panic and vigorously looked everywhere for it… I told my mom that it wasn’t in here, but that I had the change.  So, I gave her the change. And went upstairs to start my homework.  A few minutes later,

“Cleo!” My mom yelled.  I came running down stairs, startled. “This money doesn’t make any since! There is no way that this casted over 20 dollars!”  I started to panic, I knew that I did not buy anything, or steal money from her! “I don’t know…”  “Cleo ----- -----! What did you buy!  You are lying to me!” She started yelling at me, and I kept telling her that I didn’t take her money or buy anything.  But she sent me to my room, to clean it up, and finish my homework.  Later she yelled at me from down the stairs, “I’m going to call your father so that he goes to target and he is going to figure out whether or not you stole from us or bought something!”  I sighed, (well that’s a waste of gas…) I thought to myself.  Upset and mad, I went to Kinmunity, and posted a topic in Chit Chat, and asked people what to do.  People replied and told me that it wasn’t my fault, and that she is over exaggerating.  It calmed me down a little. 

Later that night, my dad came home, with the same things I did, and told me the price of what he just bought.  I was shocked, it was less then what I paid for, however, it was only four dollars less…  it wasn’t like I lost 100 dollars or anything…  anyway, I explained to my dad that it was a mistake, and that I didn’t mean to lose the receipt, and that I meant to bring it home.  I also told him that the self-checkout thing could have scanned something twice, or messed up the change… and he agreed with me.  My mom literally tore up my room just to see if I lied!  Obviously though, she did not find anything.  My mom demanded that they go to the store later that night. And they did.  After they got home, my parents got in an argument about how my mother acted at the store.  My dad told her that if they can’t let people that do not work at the store back into the camera room, that she needed to accept it, instead of fighting back, then demanding and making a scene in a public store!   I laughed to myself.  Then later, before bed, I went to say good night and I told mom that I was sorry for making her stressed, because it always seems that I am the source of all her problems, so I just apologized, so she could sleep.  Even though I was mad at her, I did not want her not to sleep well.  She told me she loved me too, and I went to bed.  This morning.  She apologized and we are now cool.  All though, it stills hurts that she’d think I’d steal from her…




By Cleo – FoxChi

Date started - May 8, 2019

Date ended – May 9, 2019

~Have a good day J

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