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Wrestling and Me: Episode 3


Oof day three was yesterday but I forgot to post about it.

Practicing seems to hurt less everyday. I still feel it in the morning though hehe (I actually need to get my leg checked out, my knee keeps giving out while i'm walking).

We didn't do much, just the usual. I practices some pounces on my sisters leg while doing a move and it seemed to work. My human body doesn't like doing it tho hehe (well you can go burn in hell, i'm gonna pounce!). We had to run again but this time without the ball. We also had to do the sprints, but luckily it was the end of practice and I was feeling shifty, so taking off at full speed was no problem.

I practiced with my sister and she kept pinning me. I swear I just want to take my hands and give her neck a nice, tight, hug (completely jk). I tried to get her down, but every move I tried was countered by her fricken falling on top of me.

We forgot to bring a water bottle so by the end of practice, I was panting. My mom actually had to tell me to put my tongue back in my mouth once when I didn't realize it. The fact my cousin was in the car made it even weirder hehe.

After we got in the house, we took showers and I put my tails on, but thats a whole other blog waiting to be written.


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