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A Peice of Ginger Episode 1: Plurality Part 1


Yes, I am starting a series! I like when other blogs are set up this way, so I decided, why not try it on my own! Some titles on other blogs may change to fit the new style.


So I tried to explore some other boards today. I only ended up visiting one fully and that one has got me questioning and confused on so many levels.

I started with the Plural Panel and let me just ask, is it related to Otherkinity or not? The long definition I found on this site about it did me no help besides making me more confused.

Apparently it's sharing one body with other beings (whether they be animal, a person or creature of fiction, or, well, idk).

So i'm just like, do plurals pick who they share with, or is it like otherkinity where you are born with it. Then I went on to read about walk ins and head space and all sorts of things that really make no sense to me.

The only thing I coukd relate to is the "talking" to your...what is it called...headmates? I've always talked to this one character from Monster High and sometimes its like I can hear her voice clearly although I'm not watching anything with her in it.

So basically, the character is Draculara. I have always been fond of her, and even though she is over 15,000 years older than me, i've always felt as if she is like a sister. We share quite a couple personality traits, likes (except her thing on vegetarian, we always get in arguments about that), and other things about us making us very alike (will go into this more on another blog), except she has quite alot more friends.

Sometimes the other ghouls pop in from time to time and a whole conversation starts up. In my dreams where this happens, it usually is set in a coffee shop sort of place. I think the definition mentioned something about headspace.

I'm gonna interpret that to mean the world inside your head. Mine isn't that different from my city, except without all the crime and construction. Also, things we think would never be possible today could happen. Impossible is a word no one has ever heard, if you think it, it happens somewhere.

When me and Draculara are by ourselves, it tends to be somewhat like an apartment set up. We sit in one of the rooms and chat like nothing out of the normal is wrong with that.

Sadly this has only ever happened in dreams and when I daydream. I tend not to daydream often though, as I usually end up seeming like i'm talking to myself.

Sometimes I actually ask people if they can hear her. Everyone says no of corse but I never stopped talking to her. Quite literally as I am writing this she is telling me not to talk about the cat. Haha Drac, I didn't go into detail about it, just mentioned it.

Back onto topic about my horrid confusion, I also saw mentions about "fronting" both here and on the site. I only really understood two of them (on my own interpretations of them of course). First was switching who was in front. Usually i'm in front, if it is what I think it means, which I should probably tell you XD.

From something I read on a post on the board, it could possibly mean whoever is in control of the body at a specific point in time.

Draculara usually will take control when I'm with people I don't quite know or trust yet. Like, for example, her polite nature came in handy last month when I went to Golden Corral for Easter Sunday. Sure got me into the bathroom alot faster hehe.


Well this is getting a bit long, so i'll continue this when my thumbs stop hurting. Most likely that will be tommorow.

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To answer some of your questions, being plural has nothing to do with being otherkin. Some plurals can choose who they share headspace with, such as soulbonders choosing which characters they bond to, but for the most part its not something you choose. Some people are born plural, others become plural later in life.

You are right about headspaces, in that its a place that exists in your head, tho not all plurals have them and not all that do consider it to exist within them. Some consider it to be an alternate dimension that their headmates live in, and they just happen too be connected to. These are also called inner worlds, soulscapes, or wonderlands. They can range from something as simple as one room, to something as vast as an entire solar system.

Fronting is basically what you figured it means. It just means someone having control of the physical body. Theres also co-fronting which is when two or more people share control of the body. Draculara sounds like she could be a soulbond. If you want more information on soulbonds, I'm always happy to answer questions, or at least try to.

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30 minutes ago, Addy said:

Some plurals can choose who they share headspace with, such as soulbonders choosing which characters they bond to

So wait, is Soulbound like a type of Plural, or is it a whole other catagory.

I swear I should have just browsed Fun and Games today XD. (Sorry if that sounds mean, im genuinely trying to lighten the mood of this cause of my horrid confusion to seemingly simple things)

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Oh boy, welcome to plurality! Addy answered some of your questions really well. I agree with all Addy said.

I'm sort of new myself, but I've spent many, many hours researching plurality and all its variations. I'll try to help you as much as I can, because learning terminology to help describe your experiences can be really helpful! From reading your blogpost, it seems most likely to me that Draculara is a soulbond, but you may also want to look into tulpamancy and tulpas if you feel like you created her rather than accidentally 'adopted'/bonded to her. I'm a skeptical that either of these labels fit my headmates, so I just call them... Headmates. 

'Fronting' is indeed just who's in control of the body. You may also want to look at 'co-fronting' and 'co-consiousness'. Headmates who are co-conscious don't control the body, but may see the outer world and check in/talk with the fronter with relative ease. They may easily step into front.

Metaphorically speaking, I like to think of the front space as a chair with a keyboard and microphone and motion controls or something to interact with the outer world, but the space is only big enough to comfortably fit one person. A co-fronter would have to squeeze in, sit on the fronter's lap, or each of us half sit on the chair, or else they would knock the fronter out of the frontspace. The conscious space surrounds the frontspace, and can fit multiple individuals in as they watch the outterworld and can talk with the fronter. While your headmate isn't fronting or co-conscious with you, you may still be able to "check in" and talk with them, like you're calling across the room to them, or telephoning them. 

I encourage you to check in and talk with Draculara about how she thinks of plurality, and how she thinks she's connected to you! Some headmates are very opinionated on the matter. 

Good luck! Feel free to ask us any questions!

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13 hours ago, GingerFurrila said:

So wait, is Soulbound like a type of Plural, or is it a whole other catagory.

I swear I should have just browsed Fun and Games today XD. (Sorry if that sounds mean, im genuinely trying to lighten the mood of this cause of my horrid confusion to seemingly simple things)

Plural is an umbrella term that means more than one person sharing a body or headspace. This can be people with DID, soulbonders, tulpamancers, or other non DID systems.

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